Wearing Some Clothes

We got to have a lot of fun with Adleigh today. She was all bundled up and we got to take her temperature and change her diaper. She had a dirty diaper (yay!) and then as I was changing her she proceeded to have another poo. It was disgusting, but also incredibly awesome because we know that her digestive system is starting to work a little bit better and I am sure it made her tummy feel a lot better. After all of that we got to put Adleigh in a onesie! It is the preemie size and still too big. She looked completely adorable and I think I did pretty well for dressing my baby the first time.

In medical news, Adleigh is having her food intake upped 1 ml every 9 hours. So she is at 5 mls now. She is still having aspirate, but it usually isn't too much and they just re-feed that and give her new milk on top of it. Breathing wise she was on 5 liters (and breathing like a champ) this morning and by 11 they had dropped her down to 4 liters. She has been doing amazing on it and I think she is going to be off of the oxygen so soon!

We thought that we might be able to give Liana a little sponge bath today, but they had been trying to get her to regulate her own temperature and she got a little cold. So we weren't able to really do anything with her because she needed to get warm again. But we did get to take some pictures of the little outfit they had put her in. How adorable are my little girls?

Liana is up to full feeds now. She gets 20 ml every 3 hours. She still has a lot of up and downs with her oxygen saturations. We want her to get more stable with her breathing so that is our very specific prayer with her now.


Caroline said...

Ferris, I am a church member of elevation, not too involved but that's because i am in nursing school. I look forward to reading your entire story. you two (wade and yourself) are really motivational and good role models, it's hard to be so string and trust in the Lord as much as you two have, I only hope I am able to have the same faith.

Judy said...

The girls are beautiful. We praise God for His faithfulness!