The pictures I promised

I promised some pictures in the post from last night since I kept getting errors. So here they are!

This is Liana and me the other night during Kangaroo care time. Her face looks so funny mashed against me.
And here is Adleigh with her fat baby cheeks and a lot of hair! Looks like it is getting some curl to it.


Anonymous said...

Adorable pics of adorable little girls. I've felt more of a "connection" with you guys and felt led to pray for you, Wade, and the girls more so than other blogs I follow with premies etc. of other people I don't know personally.

I know it's amazing to you to have followers of your story that you don't know personally.


Sharlie said...

They are so adorable, Ferris! I love them!

Hopeful said...

ahh!! Those girls are so beautiful I could just scream!! You look so pretty in that picture too!!!

hayley said...

your girls are beautiful :)