Birthday Present

The girls have come so far! Both the girls are on 2 liters now! How amazing is this? They are doing so well with their breathing. A specific prayer we have had for the past few weeks are that the girls will be totally off of oxygen by 34 weeks. I believe that God is working in their little bodies and that we will see this request answered.

Adleigh is up to 10 mls of food and not having as much aspirate. She is almost halfway there to getting full feeds. The nurse said she wouldn't be surprised if Adleigh went to progressive care by the end of the week or next week sometime. That seems so crazy, but we are really excited.

Liana is doing so much better with her breathing. Thank you so much for all your prayers. We are really seeing the power of them right now. Liana was supposed to have her brain ultrasound today, but they decided that since her last one was stable that they weren't as concerned about it. They are going to probably check it every two weeks. So we are praying that the next ultrasound will show she is completely healed.

In honor of Grammy's birthday today and since the girls are finally doing so well, we let Grammy (Wade's mom) hold Liana for a few minutes. Bev was so happy and I am pretty sure that it was the best birthday present!

(Adleigh while I was holding her)

(Liana smiling in her adorable onesie)

(Grammy holding Liana)


Tasha Via said...

That is so sweet!

Renee said...

I think Liana knew her grammy. The pictures are so sweet. The girls are so beautiful and have so much hair. They will have ponytails by their first birthday.:)