Astounding Generosity

Church was awesome this morning! It was our cd release and Wade had worked so hard on that project so it was so nice to see the final product ready to be handed out. Pastor Steven talked about our story and Wade got to share the details of going to Cincinnati up to what we are going through now. It was a powerful time as Wade shared how we are praying for Liana and Adleigh to be completely healed and that God would move so mightily on their behalf that everyone including the doctors and nurses can only say that it is from God. At the end there was a time for other people going through very difficult circumstances to come to the altar (aka front of the high school auditorium) to pray their "sun stand still" prayers. Also, Pastor Steven decided to give all the money the church made from selling the cds today to us. He wanted to make sure we were taken care of during this time. Our church is so generous and we found out we received more money than we could have ever hoped for. I am in awe of how good God is and how He takes care of us and I am also in awe of how our church family bought cds like crazy to support us. I feel completely surrounded by a church family that loves and cares for us so much.

Liana had another amazing day today. She went down from being at level 6 on her CPAP to level 5 and was already around room air. She is now eating 5 ml every 3 hours and I think at her next feeding they are going to move her up to 6 ml. I got to hold her again today. It wasn't kangaroo care. It was just holding her in the blanket for about 15 minutes. But I got to see her face this way. She did really well. She seemed to settle in and all her vitals were really good.

Adleigh is still fighting her infection. The second blood culture they took to see if the antibiotic was working came back positive. So they took out her IV line in case that was the source of the infection and are trying to find out if they need to make any changes to her antibiotics. She was supposed to have her spinal fluid checked today, but they were unable to do it so I think it is going to happen sometime in the middle of the night tonight. It seemed like her symptoms were better today, but when Wade visited her tonight the nurse told him that she had a fever and she was having more bradys. By the way, I got to hold Adleigh in some blankets for about 15 minutes today. The nurse said that she thought she just needed to be held by her mom for a little bit and sure enough as soon as I held her all her vitals were great and she looked so peaceful.

We are praying hard for Adleigh right now. She needs to get over this infection. We are praying specifically that there will be no infection in her spinal fluid and that she will be able to fight off the infection in her blood quickly. Thank you to all the people who are joining with us to pray!


Andrea Mills said...

I found your blog through a rather random post linked to my husband's blog, I just wanted to let you know that your family is in my prayers. My husband and I had a baby boy on May 16th at exactly 30 weeks (we were on vacation in Hilton Head when he made his grand entrance :-)). We were able to finally get him home two weeks ago, but not before a CT scan told us he had brain damage that would cause him some issues later in life. To follow up on the CT scan, they decided to do an MRI three days later to give us a better idea what we were up against. In those three days we had an army of people praying for Asher (whose name acutally means "blessed"), most of which were in church praying again at the actual time of the MRI (a Sunday morning at 11:00). When we received the results, we were told that the MRI was clean. The doctor could only describe it as "very strange", but we knew it was God. So, I do no know what God has in store for your beautiful daughters, but I will pray right along with you that God will heal their precious minds and bodies. In Christ, Andrea

Elizabeth said...

My name is Elizabeth Hamilton and my husband and I have been attending Elevation for about a year and a half. We have been keeping up with Wade and your's blog through Pastor Steven's and we just wanted to let you know that we are praying for a complete healing by the end of August for Adleigh and Liana so that this miracle could only be blamed on God and all the glory would be lifted up to Him. We are also praying for strength and courage for you and Wade through this process. Although we have never met, you and Wade have been a true testimony of faith for my husband and I and I thank you and Elevation for that. To God be the Glory!


whodges said...

My brother is the pastor of a small church in Yorktown, VA and he sent me a link to the blog because your situation reminded him of us a few short years ago. I have 5 year-old twin boys who were born at 25 weeks--1 lb. 11oz and 1 lb. 12oz. I haven't read your entire history, but so many memories are brought back by the talk of steroids and oscillating ventilators. Like you, one of our twins seemed to be ahead of the other most of the time (although ours flip-flopped at times). On more than one occasion, the Dr's referred to our boys as "miracle babies". Every year we celebrate both their birthday (1/21) and their "homecoming day" (6/14). It's hard to believe that they've been home 5 years already--it seems like just yesterday that I was scrubbing in for a NICU visit. The boys now climb on a bus every morning to go to a public pre-school and will be off to Kindergarten in a few short months. It gets harder before it gets easier, but my family will pray that like us, you will one day enjoy time with the girls and will forget that a "PDA" means something different to us than "Personal Digital Assistant".

Wes Hodges