Adleigh Talks

Adleigh has started to be really vocal these days. I caught some of her conversation to her bug friends. I am holding her and the camera so prepare for some moments where she isn't in the picture. I wish I knew exactly what she was saying. Enjoy!


Going Backwards and the TV

Well, the day I wrote my last blog the girls decided to spice up my life again, mainly Liana. She started waking up like crazy. I really have no idea what brought it on. My possible list of culprits is bad naps, Liana's reflux, too hot in their room, etc. I have tried to fix all of those and we are waking up less, but Liana is still only sleeping in 2 hour increments. Adleigh really only wakes up for a bottle, but she had been doing only one and now she wants 2 again. Maybe we are going through a growth spurt? Anyway...keep us in your prayers because we are now in month 4 with little sleep.

I just had to post this series of pictures. We don't let the babies sit like this in front of the TV, but they do get really interested if we are watching it. So, we did these pictures to see what they would do and I think it is so funny!


Bear Suits and Updates

Well, I haven't been posting lately because I was just utterly exhausted. Each night I would be lucky to get 3 hours of sleep and that would be just in 30 minute stretches. I was running on nothing. Through the night the girls would go back and forth crying until I would pick them up. Thankfully, our physical therapist mentioned a mom of triplets who found peace through Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child. And it just so happened that my sister gave me the book when I was pregnant so I found it skimmed through it.
Our changes: We went to an earlier bedtime and stopped waking them up for a top-off feeding. It has been about 3 nights now and we have seen vast improvements! Last night Liana slept 9 hours straight! I am praising God for getting me through that stretch cause I think I was about to be a crazy lady. Anyway, I should be back to blogging now.

Since it is freezing outside the girls wore their bear suits to the doctor and of course I took some pictures.

I do have a few updates about the girls medically. Adleigh went to her cardiologist and we found out she still has her ASD which is a medium sized hole in the atrium of her heart. So far it hasn't gotten any smaller since they last checked her which was about 10 lbs ago. She will go to the cardiologist every year until she turns 3 or 4 and they will evaluate then if it is still too large and if they will need to close it.
Both girls were cleared by their eye doctor that their ROP had resolved and they will just need to go back when they are 1 year old.
Liana is pretty much back to her old self. She is getting used to her shunt and is playing more and laughing a lot. Her scars look really good and hopefully as she gets bigger we won't really see them.
I think that is all the updates for now. Thank you for praying for our sweet girls!


My Favorite Things (part 3)

So, this is installment number 3 of my favorite things in baby world. Sorry it has taken so long. I have been trying to post this for 4 days but I had to give up on blogger video since it is SOOO slow. So you will get youtube uploads instead from now on.

Number 3 isn't really a product it is more of a change that we made in our routine that ended up being really smart for us. When we first brought the girls home, they got baths every other day, it was in a really awkward time and the girls would cry the whole time. So, we decided we needed a bedtime routine and we put their baths into the mix. We give them baths now around 6:30. Then they get toweled off and put in a big blanket. We give them their bottles and after bottles they get a massage with lavender baby lotion and then we dress them for bed. But the best thing is sometime between feeding and their massage Wade pulls out the guitar and plays for our babies and whoever is here joins in. Usually, we get what Elevation played the previous Sunday or what they are going to play that coming Sunday so it is kind of like the babies get their own worship time! The girls love the new routine and it makes them look forward to bath time.

Here is a video of our bedtime routine with the whole family singing to the girls. Adleigh and Liana are making really funny faces in it. Enjoy! (especially you Pressley)


Christmas Cheer Wrap-up

Happy New Year everyone! I figured since we are so far out from Christmas that I would just wrap-up the last photo shoots into 1 blog post.
Liana having a blast.
ummm...what is Adleigh doing?

Christmas Day...they kinda look like elves.
Wade's parents and his grandmas.
Liana getting a present. (We had to do an outfit switch because Adleigh pooped in hers.)
Adleigh wearing one of her presents.
The girls getting their huge mirror for the play room from Grammy and Grandaddy.Reading the Christmas story to the girls.