Joye twins and the box

This video is way too cute! My girls are getting so big and they love to talk. You are going to love Liana with her favorite toy, a soft shape sorter without any of the shapes in it.


Back from a really long blog drought

So that blog drought was pretty lame, but I am back better than ever with some sweet twinsies.

So in the almost month that I haven't blogged. Here are some new updates. By the way today the girls turned 8 months old (corrected age is 5 months)!!! I can't believe they are growing up so fast.

The girls ate some rice cereal and didn't seem to ever really like it. We just tried to move on to bananas yesterday and that made for some fun faces. Here are two good ones.

Liana has started talking. She is more of a responsive person instead of long babbling. So it is quite a bit harder to get her on video, but here is the best one so far.

Adleigh now rolls over from her stomach to her back. It still doesn't happen every time but she is getting a lot better.

Liana does this thing where she kinda bunches up in a ball and tries to kick herself over from her back to her stomach. We are getting closer, but she gets kinda stuck on her side.

The girls have become fascinated with anything that lights up. So all of their favorite toys are things they can push that make music and light up.

I entered the girls into the Beautiful Baby Contest and have some awesome pictures of them. The one I entered is the first picture I have of both of them smiling. Here it is.

Hope that was a good one month wrap up! The twins told me to start blogging more so that people can see what they are up to. So I can't disappoint the babies :)