The girls

The initial shock of knowing we are having twins is fading. I told Wade last night that I feel like I should chronicle this journey of being pregnant with twins through my blog, but the fact is that nothing is really different with me.
I am sorry for those of you that have horrible pregnancies but this has been so easy (knock on wood). Of all the things I have been looking up online apparently one of the symptoms of twins is increased morning sickness and fatigue in the first trimester. I hardly had any of that. In fact it was only like two times. I had a slow start to gaining weight. I am almost at 20 weeks and I have gained a total of 10 lbs. which is supposedly standard for one baby. I say all of this only to let you know how shocked we were when we found out it was two. You think we would have had some kind of indication. I took a little quiz online and answered questions about the likelihood of us having twins from my symptoms and such and it came back like 5% and said your chances are slim to none. Hmmm.
Now I know that I have the rest of my pregnancy left and I know it will be hard carrying two. I have noticed my legs cramp up more and my ribs hurt occasionally. So I am sure this pregnancy won't be all awesome. But the fact that I get to have two precious girls at the end makes me willing to endure anything for them. I just want them to stay put as long as possible so they are healthy.


The Update

So Wade and I found out today that we are having twin girls!!! We had no idea so it is definitely lots of excitement mixed with lots of shock. We had a boy name but no girls so I have to put in some time in my 100,000 baby names book to find 4 girl names (first and middle) and they have to at least sound good when you say them together. This is crazy!!!

The Big Day

So today it happens. We should be able to find out what the sex of the baby is at our ultrasound today. Not only is that really big, but this will be the first time we see our little baby squirming around and kicking and doing crazy things. I loved how Wade put it last night. He said in a way it is kind of the first time we will meet.

Any guesses on what it is?



The other week Wade and I were on our way out of town and we decided to stop at Chick-fil-a to grab lunch at the drive-thru. I think most of us are fans of Chick-fil-a. I mean they have tasty chicken sandwiches and those hand-spun milkshakes. What more could you really ask for?

Well that afternoon the line was especially long. They had two guys stationed outside, one was going around asking if people needed a menu to look at in their car and the other was taking the orders. As we were waiting to give our order the menu guy came up to us and asked if we wanted any mints. I immediately told Wade to get them since I love mints and was so excited about how Chick-fil-a is really thinking about its customers. Well after a few seconds the guy came back and asked if we had a puppy in the car. Of course Scooter was in the back seat in his crate going with us out of town and we thought he might just say cute dog or something. Instead he reached in his pocket and took out a dog biscuit. What?!?! A dog biscuit at Chick-fil-a? That is amazing. Scooter gobbled it up and was loving life. And I of course go into this long drawn out speech to Wade about how amazing I think Chick-fil-a is because it has dog biscuits handy for its customers' dogs. I was very impressed.

Then fast forward about a week later. We ate a Chick-fil-a again. It started raining pretty hard outside and out of the corner of my eye I see two guys outside with umbrellas running up to their customers to walk them from their cars to the restaurant or vice versa. Maybe it is the pregnancy hormones but I got a little emotional seeing these guys help out their customers. Sure it is just good business, but what other restaurants (fast food ones at that) go out of their way to make sure you (and maybe your dog) have a pleasant experience when you dine with them? Most expensive restaurants wont walk you to your car when it rains!

So thank you Chick-fil-a for all your do and for thinking of the little things that can make someone's day just a little bit easier.


What a Weekend

I spent the entire weekend (from Saturday afternoon to Monday evening) vomiting. Apparently I either got some stomach bug or ate something bad. Who knows? But it was definitely not fun. The thing though is I could really care less about how it was affecting me. I just kept praying that it would be over soon so the baby wouldn't get dehydrated or feel sick. But I went to the doctor yesterday to make sure everything was okay and the baby was fine. Heart beating at 150 or so bpm.

It is amazing though how we revert back to our childhood days when our mom would take care of us. I just let Wade do everything for me. He was amazing and asked how he could serve me even though he had such a long day on Sunday. I am so blessed. But now I am feeling back to normal. I am still taking it slow eating, but things are getting better.

I have about 2 or 3 posts in my head so I don't have any reason not to get a good blog in within the next day or 2.


Graphic Design

Most of you probably know that I am a graphic designer. When Wade and I lived in Columbia, I was blessed to work part-time at our church there and also at an insurance company full-time doing graphic design. Right now I am still able to be the graphic designer for the church in South Carolina, but I would also like to add more freelance design projects.

I focus on print design which is logos, brochures, postcards, posters, book covers, business identities (letterheads, business cards, envelopes), etc. You can look at my website ferrisjoye.com to see my online portfolio.

If this is something that you or your company is needing then please email me at ferrisusc@hotmail.com.