September 23rd and 24th marked the days Adleigh and Liana were able to come home from the hospital last year. It was amazing to have them all to ourselves, all the time. No more trips to the hospital. No more dividing my time between two different nurseries. No more missing important moments. No more separation between the girls. For three months, I knew I was their mom but having them with me all the time finally made me realize it was true! I am so thankful for my girls and remembering their homecoming makes me praise God for bringing two healthy babies home to us.

The first three are of Adleigh and the last three are Liana.



Whenever Wade brings out the guitar, we have two of the most excited babies ever. Liana especially loves it. This video is adorable because they are dancing, laughing, and we have a guest appearance from Ming Ming the duckling. Our girls love their rock music.


A few things you might not know

Here are a few things the girls are doing that you might not know about since I am the worst blogger ever!

1. Adleigh has taken about 10-12 steps and then she plops down. She does prefer to stand but then realizes it is way faster for her to get from point A to point B by crawling.

2. Liana is a standing machine. She pulls up to everything. We have had about two times where she has let go and stood on her own for about 5 seconds and then she has to grab on to her support again.

3. We are trying to move down to one nap. We went through a few weeks of Liana being horrible at her morning nap and Adleigh not wanting an afternoon nap. So we met in the middle and are trying to adjust right now. They are exhausted in the mornings but I think they are catching on. We just might make it! :)

4. We are nearing the date when both girls were able to come home with us from the hospital last year. I call it their homecomings. Adleigh came on September 23rd and Liana came home on the 24th. I believe a nice cake might be in order.

Videos and pictures to come!