Where has the summer gone?

Almost a whole month since my last post...super lame. This summer has flown by and I think I only took the girls to the pool like 4 times. Sad. 

We took our last little vacation of the summer a few weeks ago when we visited my family. It was the Ivester family reunion so a lot of my relatives got to see the girls and we also stayed with my sister so that meant tons of time with their cousin Pressley. The highlight of the weekend was going to feed some goats and one of the goats shoved itself through a piece of the wire fence. Adleigh thought it was the best thing ever! We on the other hand were slightly nervous about hanging out with Mr. Goat. Here are some pictures of our adventures in Belton (sorry I didn't get the goat fiasco on camera). You can also check out my Flickr page for a few other Belton pics.

Pressley and Adleigh
Uncle Benjamin with Liana
My mom and Adleigh looking adorable.
Adleigh and my dad
The girls with their cuz
Aunt Sharlie with Pressley