Sweet Lost

So I hope each and every one of you are gearing up for the Lost premiere. It is one of our only fave shows that is coming on since the writer's strike is still going on. It is like a warm, breezy day after a dark winter. I thought that I was going to have to watch the show alone since some of us girls are for some reason going to eat right during the show, but sweet Beth Brown reminded me that she too is a lover of Lost. Thank goodness for DVR!


It has begun

It is official, Wade has left for the studio. He left last night and will be at the studio for three weeks with some breaks to come back for Sunday mornings. I am so sad. Wade and I are best friends and to not be able to hang out with your best friend for three weeks is so uncool.

But with all that being said, I know that this time in the studio is going to produce a worship cd that is going to be off the hook. They are all songs (except for one) that either Wade, Chris, Mack, or Pastor wrote so it is going to be great to have that cd to rock out to in the car. Keep praying for the guys as the have to stay healthy and be full of creativity as they produce the cd and then pray for me, Beth Brown, and Meredith Brock who are husbandless for a little bit.

(Wade on his way out of Charlotte and on to the studio)


My dear friend Meagan

Note to readers: Sorry it has been like a week since I last posted. I have been trying to figure out how to get this video I made onto my blog, but it was giganto so I had to keep compressing it without losing too much quality.

My friend Meagan came to visit me last Sunday and spent the night at our house. We grew up together. We went to the same church and school and formed a bond that would last a lifetime. We had so much fun and I was so glad she was able to visit!

(yes, I know we look like supermodels)

As some of you know, Scooter goes absolutely crazy over people. We have to put him outside so that he won't leap all over our guests. But since Meagan is such a good sport we opened the doors and allowed the craziness of Scooter to be unleashed upon her. I actually think this may be one of his calmer moments, but he is still really funny in it. Check out the rare footage of Scooter in action.


The Scooter Saga

Thursday evening Wade and I had just finished eating and had put on an episode of (you know what) CSI and were chilling. A few minutes into the show I said, "I don't hear Scooter." Usually that means somehow he got into our room and is standing in the tub or he found some tissue and tore it up into tiny pieces, but as I searched for him this time and he had gotten into a pack of Orbit chewing gum and ate it all. We thought we might should look up if gum is bad for dogs so when we did we found out that most gum isn't but Orbit which contains xylitol is like poison to dogs. I called the emergency vet and they said to give Scooter hydrogen peroxide to make him throw up. We tried twice, but couldn't get him to. So we made our trip to the emergency vet and made our trip to pick him back up 12 hours later. They had to monitor his glucose cause apparently it could lead to hypoglycemia and could mess up his liver. Scooter is fine now. We were worried for the little guy. He has two little bandages on his legs and they had to shave an arm, but he is super happy to be home. If only we had pet insurance.


I heart CSI

Wade and I have gotten into this crazy CSI: Crime Scene Investigation kick. Since the writer's strike is still happening all of our other shows that we were super excited about have been postponed. Thankfully CSI hasn't let us down, it comes on like every channel and has a marathon on every day so we have recorded them and have a CSI supply that will last us a long time. One of the reasons that we like it so much is because our fave character Greg Sanders is on it. He is super funny and our favorite Greg moment was this.
(Location CSI lab)
Warrick Brown: It looks the USB we found at her office is more than meets the eye.
Greg Sanders: So it is a transformer.

If you know me and Wade you might guess that we pausesd the show, laughed for awhile, rewound to hear it again, then laughed again. It is something that Wade would definitely say. Of course now Wade says that if he was a Crime Scene Investigator he would be just like Greg.

Can you see a resemblance?
Greg Sanders/Eric Szmanda (photo from IMDB)

Wade Joye


Ooo I brought back Would you Rather

Yes, Would you Rather used to be on Wednesday but I am bringing it back today for a special addition on this beautiful Monday.

Would you rather

Be able to hear any conversation
Be able to take back anything you say?


Saved by the Bell

This past Friday night our group of friends got together to celebrate Lori's and Buck's birthdays. But instead of the traditional party we went with a Saved by the Bell theme. It was really fun seeing every person commit to the 80s style and channel their inner Bayside High character. Of course Wade went as Zach Morris and then I attempted to go as Lisa Turtle but I didn't really look like her at all so I was just some random 80s girl. Here are some pictures to show you how awesome it was.

(We're so rad!)

(Kelly as Jesse Spano and Larry as "one of the mathletes")

(Rachel wearing her airbrushed tee and Buck is a Mexican version of Rambo dressed as A.C. Slater)

(The whole clan in 80's goodness)


Quick photo peek at our holiday

(The Joye clan on Christmas day, I'm so lucky to be part of this family!)

(My beautiful niece Pressley looking like an angel)

(The grandparents/my parents with sweet Pressley)

(Doesn't Wade look good with a baby!)


A new series

The holidays were amazing and I just kicked back, relaxed, and enjoyed time with my husband and our families. I think the gift I was the most excited about was my new digital camera (thanks to Wade) that can fit into my purse so whenever the need arises to take a picture I will have my camera at all times.

I am going to upload a few pictures from the holidays, but first I wanted to share with you this incredible video trailer that our creative department came up with for our new series "Made." I believe this is the best trailer I have ever seen for a sermon series and I am so proud that it came from our guys. I am sure you will enjoy it too.