My dear friend Meagan

Note to readers: Sorry it has been like a week since I last posted. I have been trying to figure out how to get this video I made onto my blog, but it was giganto so I had to keep compressing it without losing too much quality.

My friend Meagan came to visit me last Sunday and spent the night at our house. We grew up together. We went to the same church and school and formed a bond that would last a lifetime. We had so much fun and I was so glad she was able to visit!

(yes, I know we look like supermodels)

As some of you know, Scooter goes absolutely crazy over people. We have to put him outside so that he won't leap all over our guests. But since Meagan is such a good sport we opened the doors and allowed the craziness of Scooter to be unleashed upon her. I actually think this may be one of his calmer moments, but he is still really funny in it. Check out the rare footage of Scooter in action.


Sharlie said...

How funny! I was watching the clip and Bella and Cooper are in the room and they started barking when they heard Scooter!
Love you!!!!

mae said...

YES!!!!!!!!!! you KNOW i LOVE this video!!! you are awesome. i love you ferris. maybe i can bring you company again since you are lonesome. for real? maybe. yes. :) okay.