It has begun

It is official, Wade has left for the studio. He left last night and will be at the studio for three weeks with some breaks to come back for Sunday mornings. I am so sad. Wade and I are best friends and to not be able to hang out with your best friend for three weeks is so uncool.

But with all that being said, I know that this time in the studio is going to produce a worship cd that is going to be off the hook. They are all songs (except for one) that either Wade, Chris, Mack, or Pastor wrote so it is going to be great to have that cd to rock out to in the car. Keep praying for the guys as the have to stay healthy and be full of creativity as they produce the cd and then pray for me, Beth Brown, and Meredith Brock who are husbandless for a little bit.

(Wade on his way out of Charlotte and on to the studio)

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Jessica said...

I am sorry that you will be with out your best friend! SAD! I will definatly be praying for you! Thanks for being so wonderful and such a blessing to me and Ben!!