The Scooter Saga

Thursday evening Wade and I had just finished eating and had put on an episode of (you know what) CSI and were chilling. A few minutes into the show I said, "I don't hear Scooter." Usually that means somehow he got into our room and is standing in the tub or he found some tissue and tore it up into tiny pieces, but as I searched for him this time and he had gotten into a pack of Orbit chewing gum and ate it all. We thought we might should look up if gum is bad for dogs so when we did we found out that most gum isn't but Orbit which contains xylitol is like poison to dogs. I called the emergency vet and they said to give Scooter hydrogen peroxide to make him throw up. We tried twice, but couldn't get him to. So we made our trip to the emergency vet and made our trip to pick him back up 12 hours later. They had to monitor his glucose cause apparently it could lead to hypoglycemia and could mess up his liver. Scooter is fine now. We were worried for the little guy. He has two little bandages on his legs and they had to shave an arm, but he is super happy to be home. If only we had pet insurance.

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Stephanie said...

Oh! He is so cute! I am glad that he feels better.