Saved by the Bell

This past Friday night our group of friends got together to celebrate Lori's and Buck's birthdays. But instead of the traditional party we went with a Saved by the Bell theme. It was really fun seeing every person commit to the 80s style and channel their inner Bayside High character. Of course Wade went as Zach Morris and then I attempted to go as Lisa Turtle but I didn't really look like her at all so I was just some random 80s girl. Here are some pictures to show you how awesome it was.

(We're so rad!)

(Kelly as Jesse Spano and Larry as "one of the mathletes")

(Rachel wearing her airbrushed tee and Buck is a Mexican version of Rambo dressed as A.C. Slater)

(The whole clan in 80's goodness)


Phillip McCart said...

Thank you for brighting my day with these pictures. Ya'll look amazing!

Gretchen said...

i miss you guys!!!!!!!!!!! :[

Gretchen Lynn said...

i miss you guys!!!!! a lot!!
not even kidding! :[