A Lion Kiss

I love animals a lot. I get this from my mother who if watching a movie and a man and his dog get injured she would say, "That poor dog. I hope he is okay. They shouldn't have animals doing stuff like that in a movie." So needless to say I love animals! However, in looking through the outrageous news of the past couple of weeks I came across this. I would never, I repeat never, do something this stupid.
She is so going to get eaten. Just kidding. It kinda looks like the lion is enjoying it a little too much. Apparently, she saved the lion six years ago and they developed a special bond. I still would NEVER do this though.


See that mountain...I tossed it.

I am still Following my Rabbi and I am now on the last chapter of Mark before I start Luke on Thursday. I am loving it! Not only am I getting to see the teachings of our Lord, but it is also amazing to have those teachings repeated over in a different way with each book. Like the passage I am referencing in a second was in Matthew, but once I read it in Mark it seemed to jump out a little more.
So, normally I just have been going through and telling Wade what I learned that day from my gospel readings, but for some reason I read the following passage about a week ago and I can't get it off my mind. I have already described this passage to a couple of people and I feel like it is a good reminder to some others out there.
This is the passage:

Mark 11:12-14, 11:20-25
The next day as they were leaving Bethany, Jesus was hungry. Seeing in the distance a fig tree in leaf, he went to find out if it had any fruit. When he reached it, he found nothing but leaves, because it was not the season for figs. Then he said to the tree, "May no one ever eat fruit from you again." And his disciples heard him say it.

In the morning, as they went along, they saw the fig tree withered from the roots. Peter remembered and said to Jesus, "Rabbi, look! The fig tree you cursed has withered!"
"Have faith in God," Jesus answered. "I tell you the truth, if anyone says to this mountain, 'Go, throw yourself into the sea,' and does not doubt in his heart but believes that what he says will happen, it will be done for him. Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. And when you stand praying, if you hold anything against anyone, forgive him, so that your Father in heaven may forgive you your sins."

Now I have two major thoughts about this verse.
1. In Christ, we have the power to do some mighty things. I think sometimes when we pray for something to happen we are afraid to ask for it with authority. I think this is a tricky subject because we do want to make sure it is God's will, but at some point you have to know that what you are asking is a holy request and through Christ we have power to make it happen. However, that being said I know I would still have doubt in my heart that I could toss a mountain so I must continue to exercise my faith.
2. Jesus added the little part at the end. "And when you stand praying, if you hold anything against anyone, forgive him, so that your Father in heaven may forgive you your sins." I mean Jesus was talking about mountain tossing and then he goes back to forgiving others. This must be very important to our Lord and even if you are at a 10 on the faith scale, but have someone in your heart you haven't forgiven then you won't be able to do the mountain toss.

So, maybe this verse helped someone. I don't think I would ever need to actually hurl a mountain into the sea, but it does seem amazing to think that something I think is too big for me to do anything about can turn into something small with prayer. And that is only because of Jesus...NOT because of me.


Questions to make us Smile

Inspired by Daily Meme and Rachel's blog, I decided to share the answer of these few questions. If the questions make you smile answer them on your blog!

Have you ever danced under the stars?
Yes, when Wade and I were dating we drove around Columbia and then he took me to a place that we designated "our spot" and prayed. Afterwards, he played Sarah McLachlan and we slowed danced under the our starlit sky. It was an amazing moment!

Have you ever listened in on a private conversation?
There is probably more than just one instance, but my sister told me I was an annoying little sister. Apparently, I would sit at her door while she talked on the phone and then tell our mom everything. I am sure I picked up the phone to listen in as well.
(By the way Sharlie, you definitely need to get a blog. Two of the blogs I read are about mothers who have young children and what crazy things they go through. Check them out here and here.)

Have you ever splurged on something you normally wouldn't purchase? What was it?
This is one area that I defy all girly things. I am super cheap! I have gotten more spoiled since I married Wade who dotes on me all the time. If I get something super nice then it is usually from Wade not a gift to myself.

Well now you know a little more about me! Have an amazing Monday.

Technorati owns me

Technorati Profile

I was looking on Blogspot's things to do for your blog and they said to tell Technorati that I own this blog. Then I had to post this link. So there you go.


my viewers

I want to thank everyone for commenting on my phrase! It is kinda funny knowing that I attempt to write a blog every day or at least every other day and it is for about 5 people. I think I can name everyone who reads this site...Wade, Megan V, Rachel O, Andrew, my mom, occasionally Wade's mom and I think that is probably it. But for some reason it is like this growing urge that I MUST type a new blog. I can't let my readers down!!

I think blogging will definitely help me out one day...I have the tendency of forgetting what I did a day ago, so I really do think this will be an amazing way to have all of my little adventures recorded somehow. I mean I have a lot of stuff coming up that really needs to be written so I don't forget how I felt and I don't think if I would quite enjoy writing a diary like I do the blog. There is something about checking your site the next day to see if someone commented...you can't get that from a diary. So hopefully I will still be writing this blog when it is time for me to tell the world a little Joye child has said their first word or when we finally get Scooter a friend or when Wade and I take our exciting vacation! But I also want to remember what random stuff I did when I was bored (aka making weemees)!

Speaking of...it is Wade's and my date night tonight! He got to eat at Longhorn today with his fam but without me...sad. So he said he will make it up to me with dinner and any kind of desert I want. It will most likely be something with chocolate. So in honor of date night, my weemee is getting a little dressed up. And weemee world made a beagle so it looks more like Scooter. Check out the profile pic at the top.


being a designer

Hello everyone! I go to so many sites about the new design trends and the hottest websites and portfolios of famous and not famous designers. So, today as I was doing the scan through all my sites and I started thinking...I don't have an online portfolio. This may not seem like a big deal but just think about how everything is going to the web nowadays. I can just imagine a scenario now.

(my characters are made up and not based on anyone)
Anne: WOW...that is one killer brochure you have their in your hand Sam. What is that for?
Sam: Oh, this is the brochure for our church's outdoor ministry. I am handing some out for people who want to join.
Anne: That's really cool! You know I am starting a new business and it would be really great to have a brochure that I could give to new clients. Who did yours? Maybe I could get them to do mine.
Sam: Oh yeah! This girl at our church whose name is Ferris Joye did it. I only know to get hold of her through church but I am sure you could probably go on the web and see her website. Just google her name.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! See I just lost a customer. I don't have the website. Instead she will see Wade's blog talking about me being his wife....which is amazing but doesn't show my sweet design skills.

Now that I have established the importance of a designer's website; I want to run something by you. Now I think I have a interesting personality. Well interesting is a nice way to put it; I am actually just plain weird. So in my attempt to try and learn Dreamweaver and see if I could make my own site, I want to show you the baby stage of my site. AND I want you to comment on my opening page phrase...I don't know if it is too weird?!?

I like the idea of the orange. The last name Joye makes me think orange. So I think an opening page with an orange would allow me to place a photography image in there. And I want a little catchy saying. So I am asking if YOU think the phrase "a designer whose got some juice" is cool or lame.
Please comment your thoughts!


Show the Love

Get ready for a long blog while I let out some feelings. Okay, so today I started looking at some of the links that Wade had on his blog. Eventually after looking at several I ended up at Perry Noble's blog. So I start looking around and saw he had posted a response to someone who is criticizing their way of doing church. Now, after seeing this I thought, "hmmm, how many other people who have blogs out there are criticizing Perry?" So I do some hard looking (typed in Perry Noble at Google and clicked some links) and I found some other places where people are putting him down. And I came to the realization (through some context clues) that most of these people have never been to NewSpring and most are also part of a small church.

Now let's rewind to 2001, when I was a senior in high school in the neighboring city of Anderson which is Belton. My best friends (Alyson, Amber, and Meagan) and I witnessed a lot of people leaving our "small churches" to go to the new hip feeling church called NewSpring. This is when they met at Anderson College...hadn't become University yet. I had a couple of friends that decided to go there instead of the church they grew up in and I held a little grudge against NewSpring. It didn't help that my pastor also said that these "contemporary churches" aren't preaching the word and are out to just entertain them instead of letting Jesus alone change the people. So let's just say I vowed never to go there and decided they were not helping Jesus they were only helping themselves. They were the big bad church.

Now jump to the next year when I was a freshman at the University of South Carolina. I went there and none of my friends were with me. I was on my own. I even decided to room with someone I didn't even know (although Carolyn was freaking awesome)! However, two of the guys I went to high school with that were in my outer network of friends went to USC as well: Jay Harper and Michael Marshall. And guess what their home church was…yep, NewSpring. So even though I vowed never to go I started hearing their conversations about how awesome it was and how it had changed their lives. And I really had seen a change in their lives. So now I was thinking, “I thought this was the big bad church...how can it be helping people and how can they actually be learning biblical truths (it was watered down remember)?” So finally, one week when I was back at home I pulled one of my girl pals (love you Meagan) into going with me. And although it was totally different then anything I ever knew…I actually liked it. I felt like Perry preached from the Bible and the worship felt passionate. It definitely wasn’t the feeling I got when my church would sing hymns. And everyone wanted to be there and they were excited so it got me excited.

Okay, our journey brings us back to the present. Now I have probably gone to NewSpring about 4 or 5 times and each time I really love it. It did take me awhile to adjust to Perry’s personality while preaching because he was so energetic and loud (unlike other pastors I had listened to). Now seeing that all these other people have criticized him it makes me upset. NewSpring isn’t even my church, but I feel like sometimes people who see something different immediately think it is bad. I mean my preacher growing up was an awesome man and pastor, but he had never even been to NewSpring yet he insulted it. And all these people bashing it on their blogs have never been there either. I just don’t understand how we can call ourselves Christians and chide something we have never been to. I just think the ultimate way to do things when we are Christians is to do things in love. I mean why couldn’t someone say, “Really, Perry/NewSpring, I don’t agree with some of the things you do at your church or what you said on this blog, but it seems that you are a man of God so I would like to hear your side of the story.” Or say, “This church seems so watered down or they just use media to distract people from hearing the truth that hurts…maybe I should check it out or request a video of their service to give them the a look-see.”

Technically, NewSpring has just been a personal example (there are countless other places that I am sure get the same thing) I can identify with because I saw what it is like to be on both ends and when you aren’t knowledgeable about the subject then you really can’t throw insults. And even if you are knowledgeable I still don’t think you should throw insults it should be more of a communication between two followers of Christ who care deeply for one another. And if we are the ones being insulted then we should remember the same thing. I think James 1:19-20 is perfect for this. My dear brothers, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry, for man’s anger does not bring about the righteous life that God desires.

Anyway, this blog is SOOO long. The thing is that the small churches are for a lot of people and I am sure a lot of them reach their community and shower love on them. And then these larger churches are doing the same thing. It seems to me we shouldn’t be making excuses as to why it is wrong, but asking ourselves what are they doing to reach so many people? I think when we find that out we will see we are all doing God’s work just with different thinking and different perspectives. And I think God isn’t set on how we get there but are we actively bringing people to Christ. That’s definitely something I need to do more of. Let’s always make sure we are showing God’s love…to the lost and to other Christians.


Back from skiing

So today I am back at work from my weekend of on the youth ski trip. It was fun although I get really frustrated with it sometimes. I am REALLY BAD, so Wade tried to show me the ropes. And you should know he is REALLY GOOD. Anyway, it started well until I had to go up this small incline and I kept sliding backwards. I got so irritated that I kept saying, "TAKE MY SKIS OFF!" Finally Wade realized that I couldn't handle it so he took them off. After I calmed down I put the skis back on and got on the ski lift. Then it went a lot better. I think something in me was impressed that Wade didn't give up on me. I had this fear that since Wade was really good that skiing with me would annoy him. At the moment when I threw my adult temper tantrum and saw that he STILL wanted to ski with me I gained a little confidence. So I went down on bunny slope very slow to learn how to stop and did okay. Then we went down the next one but it was getting icy and there were tons of people. (Sidenote: I noticed a whole bunch of people just sit there looking upwards at the slope...right where I should be skiing but then I have to do some little maneuver to not hit them. So if you are one of those people then you shouldn't do that anymore.) So I fell a lot on the slope and finally there was one that I couldn't get back up from. So this time I took off the skis to walk down the mountain so I wouldn't hurt myself...not because of a temper tantrum. So even though I am still HORRIBLE, I could do it again but only if Wade is with me.
Also, on the ski trip I took a bagillion pictures since I had my new camera. They aren't of anyone skiing but basically random shots. I will post of few later.

Wade is officially in Michigan at the Rob Bell conference. I miss him so much. It is so weird being at home by myself when Wade is always with me. I DON'T like it at all! He should come back. But I think he is getting a lot out of it. The plane had lost their luggage, but it is back now. So Wade, if you are reading this then I hope you are having fun and know that your wife is very sad without you!

On another note, my mom gave me the honor of making a weemee for my dad. So I am unveiling Neil Ivester as a weemee.



So Rachel's blog made me go and make my own. Now I don't want to boast but I started out wanting my weemee to look like me and I think it really does. Tell me what you think.

I think it is pretty awesome. I mean I even have Scooter sitting beside me. I think my next mission is to make Wade. (goes to
weemee world and slaves over making the perfect Wade)Okay I'm back and now I will reveal weemee Wade.

I think I am pretty good at this. So if anyone wants me to make them a weemee then you can just send me an email or comment here!

In other news...the ski trip is this weekend and I have to leave early from work. I think it is going to be a lot of fun although I don't really ski. I am guessing I will just be able to hang out with the ignite ladies and we can have some good quality time together.
In sadder news...wade leaves the ski trup to go to a Rob Bell conference and won't be back until Wed. I mean doesn't he know he can never leave my side. He should probably get weeWade to take his place.

I feel like this has been the weirdest blog ever. I must be drinking some funny Diet Pepsi right now. And since I brought up Diet Pepsi. If you read this and want to make this a fun blog then how about a poll.

Do you prefer Diet Pepsi or Diet Coke or would vomit both of them if forced to drink it.
Comment your thoughts.

RECENT UPDATE: My mom read my blog and decided to make her own weemee. So I now introduce Terry Ivester as a weemee!

She looks so good! Keep coming up with your weemees. I wonder how we can all become weemee buddies or something. That would be cool.


My fuel cell and 24

My fuel cell starts up tomorrow night at 6:15! I am so excited about hanging out with my girls again. They are the most amazing girls ever and I get the privilege to hang out with them once a week. I just want to thank each one of the girls for impacting my life...this includes the ones that still come and the ones that used to be part of it. You all really mean a lot to me. And I want to thank Wendy (the co-leader) for being so awesome! You are the best co-leader for me and you are so amazing with the girls. I think it is a great combo we have and you bring so much to the group with knowledge and experience and then this incredible personality that not only goes great with mine but also helps the girls and any youth for that matter gel with you! I am so thankful for you.

Also, I am so excited about getting off work today. Once you have that long weekend it is hard to get back into the swing of things. I just can't wait to hang out with Wade and hear all about his day! By the way, I am sure everyone in the world who watches 24 posted about it so I won't do that, but I do want to say if you aren't a regular watcher then you should start. It definitely is the most exciting television show I have ever seen. And if you missed the first four episodes then on Jan 16th they are releasing those episodes on DVD. So you could buy (or rent?) them.
And for all of you who love the show...here's something for you.



Well, I was wondering what I could blog about today. And then on another blog I found it!!! The new Apple iPhone that they just revealed at the Mac Expo!

This thing looks amazing and I can't wait until I have one. Although I know I will have to wait a really long time since it is crazy expensive. I think it is definitely the coolest phone out there. If you want to know more about it and see some sweet pictures then go here.


random thoughts?

I haven't posted a serious blog in a while or one that at least lets you know what's going on in my life. I feel like I kinda hit this blog wall where I didn't know what to write so I just posted random stuff or nothing at all. But I am just going to say the only thing I am thinking about. Wade. I love my husband more than anything in this world. He is my hero and my rock and I think when God was making each of us he smiled at how we would be when we would finally be together. Apparently, God waited 8 years after making Wade...I guess he had to make me perfect...haha. Anyway, it is just wonderful to know that whatever happens I have this amazing man to take care of me. Even when I randomly go into sad mode, he is there to just comfort me and is careful not to try and find the quick fix. He makes me feel like a percious jewel that is handled with care and pride. I know that this has been all mushy but I just needed to say it.

Also, Wade and I were at Ignite last night (our high school group time) and I just loved hanging out afterwards with everyone. I have missed talking to Megan Venters and we got to catch up. And since small group was on break I haven't had some Bianca time and I loved getting to hear about her life. And of course Annie is always funny and a delight to be around. Then there were all the guys trying to guide our young girls through the mind of guys. I don't think girls ever really learn a guy's mind though...or at least we end up complicating it more. So all in all it was an awesome night back. Wade totally rocked out on his new song "Near." I absolutely love it and I can't wait until the band does more original songs. Ok that's it for today!


Whose Fish?

So I found this puzzle today on a design site. I haven't figured it out but I thought that some people might like to try out the puzzle. I will put up the answer to the puzzle on Friday as an update to this entry! Enjoy!

This brainteaser, reportedly written by Albert Einstein is difficult and Einstein said that 98% of the people in the world could not figure it out. Which percentage are you in?

There are five houses in a row in different colors. In each house lives a person with a different nationality. The five owners drink a different drink, smoke a different brand of cigar and keep a different pet, one of which is a Walleye Pike.
The question is-- who owns the fish?

1. The Brit lives in the red house.
2. The Swede keeps dogs as pets.
3. The Dane drinks tea.
4. The green house is on the left of the white house.
5. The green house owner drinks coffee.
6. The person who smokes Pall Malls keeps birds.
7. The owner of the yellow house smokes Dunhills.
8. The man living in the house right in the center drinks milk.
9. The man who smokes Blends lives next to the one who keeps cats.
10. The Norwegian lives in the first house.
11. The man who keeps horses lives next to the one who smokes Dunhills.
12. The owner who smokes Bluemasters drinks beer.
13. The German smokes Princes.
14. The Norwegian lives next to the blue house.
15. The man who smokes Blends has a neighbor who drinks water.

There are no tricks, pure logic will get you the correct answer. And yes, there is enough information to arrive at the one and only correct answer.

Here is the answer: Highlight it and see!
And now the answer:
the german owns the fish
and here's how:
First House:norwegian,yellow, water, dunhill, cats
Second House:dane, blue, tea, blends, horses
Third house:brit, red, milk, pall mall, birds
Fourth house:german, green, coffee, princes, FISH
Fifth house:swede,white, beer, bluemasters, dogs