Back from skiing

So today I am back at work from my weekend of on the youth ski trip. It was fun although I get really frustrated with it sometimes. I am REALLY BAD, so Wade tried to show me the ropes. And you should know he is REALLY GOOD. Anyway, it started well until I had to go up this small incline and I kept sliding backwards. I got so irritated that I kept saying, "TAKE MY SKIS OFF!" Finally Wade realized that I couldn't handle it so he took them off. After I calmed down I put the skis back on and got on the ski lift. Then it went a lot better. I think something in me was impressed that Wade didn't give up on me. I had this fear that since Wade was really good that skiing with me would annoy him. At the moment when I threw my adult temper tantrum and saw that he STILL wanted to ski with me I gained a little confidence. So I went down on bunny slope very slow to learn how to stop and did okay. Then we went down the next one but it was getting icy and there were tons of people. (Sidenote: I noticed a whole bunch of people just sit there looking upwards at the slope...right where I should be skiing but then I have to do some little maneuver to not hit them. So if you are one of those people then you shouldn't do that anymore.) So I fell a lot on the slope and finally there was one that I couldn't get back up from. So this time I took off the skis to walk down the mountain so I wouldn't hurt myself...not because of a temper tantrum. So even though I am still HORRIBLE, I could do it again but only if Wade is with me.
Also, on the ski trip I took a bagillion pictures since I had my new camera. They aren't of anyone skiing but basically random shots. I will post of few later.

Wade is officially in Michigan at the Rob Bell conference. I miss him so much. It is so weird being at home by myself when Wade is always with me. I DON'T like it at all! He should come back. But I think he is getting a lot out of it. The plane had lost their luggage, but it is back now. So Wade, if you are reading this then I hope you are having fun and know that your wife is very sad without you!

On another note, my mom gave me the honor of making a weemee for my dad. So I am unveiling Neil Ivester as a weemee.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ferris , Any kind of Skiing(snow/water) is hard at first, but you will catch on if you keep it up..and that might take time. Sorry you miss Wade,,that is sweet. But I see that you made a WeeMee of your dad,,and I LIKE it!,,I'm going to show it to him soon. You did a great job..Love MoM

Anonymous said...

Hey Ferris! I just wanted to let you know that I stop by and read your blog quite often. I am thinking of doing one myself now. However, I am not sure how interesting my blogs will be when my life consists of feeding, changing, and admiring my baby while she sleeps! lol
LOVE the weemee of Dad. Too funny!
Much love, Sharlie