So Rachel's blog made me go and make my own. Now I don't want to boast but I started out wanting my weemee to look like me and I think it really does. Tell me what you think.

I think it is pretty awesome. I mean I even have Scooter sitting beside me. I think my next mission is to make Wade. (goes to
weemee world and slaves over making the perfect Wade)Okay I'm back and now I will reveal weemee Wade.

I think I am pretty good at this. So if anyone wants me to make them a weemee then you can just send me an email or comment here!

In other news...the ski trip is this weekend and I have to leave early from work. I think it is going to be a lot of fun although I don't really ski. I am guessing I will just be able to hang out with the ignite ladies and we can have some good quality time together.
In sadder news...wade leaves the ski trup to go to a Rob Bell conference and won't be back until Wed. I mean doesn't he know he can never leave my side. He should probably get weeWade to take his place.

I feel like this has been the weirdest blog ever. I must be drinking some funny Diet Pepsi right now. And since I brought up Diet Pepsi. If you read this and want to make this a fun blog then how about a poll.

Do you prefer Diet Pepsi or Diet Coke or would vomit both of them if forced to drink it.
Comment your thoughts.

RECENT UPDATE: My mom read my blog and decided to make her own weemee. So I now introduce Terry Ivester as a weemee!

She looks so good! Keep coming up with your weemees. I wonder how we can all become weemee buddies or something. That would be cool.


Anonymous said...

Ok, definitely diet coke even though I gave it up this week, it was the hardest thing I have done thus far in my life. I am convinced it is the actual love of my life.

Your weeMe's look great, but I am a little concerned about the butterflies around Wade's...just throwing that out there! :)

terry Ivester said...

Hi again Ferris, I saw your WeeMee and it inspired me to make one too, So I did,,but I dont know how to get it here on your blog for you to see it , So can you help me? Love MoM

Terry Ivester said...

Hi Ferris , I sent my WeeMee to your Blog , but I see that it didnt make it here, hmmmmmm. maybe I will try again later..Love MoM

MoM said...

Hi Ferris ,,,Thank you for putting my WeeMee on here,,it does look cute.
I thought of putting one on here that looks like your daddy,,what do you think? ??? or maybe you can see how you are at making a WeeMee daddy? Love MoM

Rachel said...

you could call him Wee Joye..haha get it!