being a designer

Hello everyone! I go to so many sites about the new design trends and the hottest websites and portfolios of famous and not famous designers. So, today as I was doing the scan through all my sites and I started thinking...I don't have an online portfolio. This may not seem like a big deal but just think about how everything is going to the web nowadays. I can just imagine a scenario now.

(my characters are made up and not based on anyone)
Anne: WOW...that is one killer brochure you have their in your hand Sam. What is that for?
Sam: Oh, this is the brochure for our church's outdoor ministry. I am handing some out for people who want to join.
Anne: That's really cool! You know I am starting a new business and it would be really great to have a brochure that I could give to new clients. Who did yours? Maybe I could get them to do mine.
Sam: Oh yeah! This girl at our church whose name is Ferris Joye did it. I only know to get hold of her through church but I am sure you could probably go on the web and see her website. Just google her name.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! See I just lost a customer. I don't have the website. Instead she will see Wade's blog talking about me being his wife....which is amazing but doesn't show my sweet design skills.

Now that I have established the importance of a designer's website; I want to run something by you. Now I think I have a interesting personality. Well interesting is a nice way to put it; I am actually just plain weird. So in my attempt to try and learn Dreamweaver and see if I could make my own site, I want to show you the baby stage of my site. AND I want you to comment on my opening page phrase...I don't know if it is too weird?!?

I like the idea of the orange. The last name Joye makes me think orange. So I think an opening page with an orange would allow me to place a photography image in there. And I want a little catchy saying. So I am asking if YOU think the phrase "a designer whose got some juice" is cool or lame.
Please comment your thoughts!


Megan said...

hmm. i cant decide. i will wait on others to comment and maybe that will spark some ideas. i LOOOVE the layout and design though. yay! i would use you! :)

Andrew Stewart said...

haha i actually really like it... if i was a customer I would think that was witty and that you are light and fun, but still professional because I mean you do have your own site. I think it would be a good way to catch some attention

Wade Joye said...

Your slogan and design are amazing, thought provoking and cutting edge. Companies from all over the nation will pay massive amounts of cash for your innovative designs! Did I mention that I liked it?

Rachel said...

ferdawg...your talent is like a juicy orange. When bitten into, it runs all down your face and gets all over. i like it alot :)