random thoughts?

I haven't posted a serious blog in a while or one that at least lets you know what's going on in my life. I feel like I kinda hit this blog wall where I didn't know what to write so I just posted random stuff or nothing at all. But I am just going to say the only thing I am thinking about. Wade. I love my husband more than anything in this world. He is my hero and my rock and I think when God was making each of us he smiled at how we would be when we would finally be together. Apparently, God waited 8 years after making Wade...I guess he had to make me perfect...haha. Anyway, it is just wonderful to know that whatever happens I have this amazing man to take care of me. Even when I randomly go into sad mode, he is there to just comfort me and is careful not to try and find the quick fix. He makes me feel like a percious jewel that is handled with care and pride. I know that this has been all mushy but I just needed to say it.

Also, Wade and I were at Ignite last night (our high school group time) and I just loved hanging out afterwards with everyone. I have missed talking to Megan Venters and we got to catch up. And since small group was on break I haven't had some Bianca time and I loved getting to hear about her life. And of course Annie is always funny and a delight to be around. Then there were all the guys trying to guide our young girls through the mind of guys. I don't think girls ever really learn a guy's mind though...or at least we end up complicating it more. So all in all it was an awesome night back. Wade totally rocked out on his new song "Near." I absolutely love it and I can't wait until the band does more original songs. Ok that's it for today!

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Anonymous said...

ferris! thank you for catching me last night and telling me you read my blog. such a stupid thing to make me feel better, but sometimes i start to feel so disconnected or forgotten by everyone because i know yall are busy. but you are such a good listener and good confidant (even though i know i am indirectly telling wade everything hehe) and thank you for caring enough to check my blog. and i will keep you updated on things and we will talk more. and i am going to go try and do your riddle!