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I want to thank everyone for commenting on my phrase! It is kinda funny knowing that I attempt to write a blog every day or at least every other day and it is for about 5 people. I think I can name everyone who reads this site...Wade, Megan V, Rachel O, Andrew, my mom, occasionally Wade's mom and I think that is probably it. But for some reason it is like this growing urge that I MUST type a new blog. I can't let my readers down!!

I think blogging will definitely help me out one day...I have the tendency of forgetting what I did a day ago, so I really do think this will be an amazing way to have all of my little adventures recorded somehow. I mean I have a lot of stuff coming up that really needs to be written so I don't forget how I felt and I don't think if I would quite enjoy writing a diary like I do the blog. There is something about checking your site the next day to see if someone commented...you can't get that from a diary. So hopefully I will still be writing this blog when it is time for me to tell the world a little Joye child has said their first word or when we finally get Scooter a friend or when Wade and I take our exciting vacation! But I also want to remember what random stuff I did when I was bored (aka making weemees)!

Speaking of...it is Wade's and my date night tonight! He got to eat at Longhorn today with his fam but without me...sad. So he said he will make it up to me with dinner and any kind of desert I want. It will most likely be something with chocolate. So in honor of date night, my weemee is getting a little dressed up. And weemee world made a beagle so it looks more like Scooter. Check out the profile pic at the top.


Andrew Stewart said...

haha weeme out on the town, if you wade want you can meet my weeme out at the disco after the date to dance it up

Anonymous said...

I read your blog! :) Which could be freaky cause I don't know you that well...but whatever!