Questions to make us Smile

Inspired by Daily Meme and Rachel's blog, I decided to share the answer of these few questions. If the questions make you smile answer them on your blog!

Have you ever danced under the stars?
Yes, when Wade and I were dating we drove around Columbia and then he took me to a place that we designated "our spot" and prayed. Afterwards, he played Sarah McLachlan and we slowed danced under the our starlit sky. It was an amazing moment!

Have you ever listened in on a private conversation?
There is probably more than just one instance, but my sister told me I was an annoying little sister. Apparently, I would sit at her door while she talked on the phone and then tell our mom everything. I am sure I picked up the phone to listen in as well.
(By the way Sharlie, you definitely need to get a blog. Two of the blogs I read are about mothers who have young children and what crazy things they go through. Check them out here and here.)

Have you ever splurged on something you normally wouldn't purchase? What was it?
This is one area that I defy all girly things. I am super cheap! I have gotten more spoiled since I married Wade who dotes on me all the time. If I get something super nice then it is usually from Wade not a gift to myself.

Well now you know a little more about me! Have an amazing Monday.

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