My beautiful Pressley

A few weeks ago, Wade and I got to go to the Ivester family reunion. That is my dad's side of the family. And whenever I go to Belton I get to see my beautiful baby niece Pressley. So of course I had my camera and I took some shots of her that day.

This is Pressley with her G-TI (my mom).

And here she is with her adorable grin.

Here is another of Miss P totally out of it. That is my cousin Dana holding her.

One of her proud Grandpa (my dad).

And here are all the ladies.

I will put up the rest on my Flickr page soon. So keep on the lookout Sharlie!



I never had a nickname growing up. And it kind of made me sad. I mean my friend Alyson was alycat. Then there was my friend Meagan who was Mae. Well I guess you could count all of my mom's random names for me (Ferris Bo berris, Fericio, are there more Mom?) Anyway, when I got to college I met one of my best friends Laura who is now a missionary in Slovakia and she and some other people gave me the nickname Fe...as in Santa Fe. I never thought it would stick. I mean this was new terroritory could I be cool enough to keep the ever coveted nickname?

Of course I was cool enough. Why did you even doubt. Laura ended up introducing me to her friend Jamie as Fe and what would you know...Jamie is Wade's cousin. So when I started dating Wade a little later on, Jamie let the whole Joye/Ross family know that my name was Fe and it officially stuck. I am now Aunt Fe to my little baby niece Pressley (at least that is what I call myself to her) and when I stare at the TV with my mouth wide-open it is called Fe face (thanks again to Laura).

So to everyone out there who desperately wants a nickname I have a little bit of advice for you. Just be patient. Nicknames come with time and are usually the best when someone else gives it to you and when it is out of the blue. But if all else fails then just shorten your name to two letters. Then introduce yourself like this (except use your given name and nickname), "Hi, my name is Ferris, but everyone calls me Fe." Then of course that person will want to do want "everyone" else is doing. And then a nickname is born.


Crazy God stuff

In one week Elevation went from 2400 something to 2812. Who does that? We do. That's some crazy God stuff right there. God is lighting up Charlotte right now!
This past Sunday happened to be the beginning of the 80's rock series. TV's were spray painted in neon colors playing 80's videos and the Super Mario's tune was the countdown song. Guitar Hero was available for people to play outside while waiting to get in. And the band played Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit...yes we know it was the 90s, but if you want to know why it was played then watch the sermon online or the listen to the podcast.

I feel so honored to be at a church that is so creative and out of the box. I like that people are so excited to go to the church that they never want to miss it. I love that fact that week after week people are surrendering their lives to Christ and then passionately pursuing their friends because they want them to know Jesus too. It is exciting.

I have a picture for all you Mt. Horeb peeps. Wade led worship last Sunday for the high school event called Pulse and a lady at the church named Lisa takes pictures of Elevation events and she captured one that I thought you all would love. You can check out other Elevation pics here.

I figured you would all love wide-open mouth Wade about to eat his mic. And hopefully it will bring a smile to your face. We miss you!



It's Sunday?

I don't think ever in my life have I been sitting at my house waiting to go to church. As I was growing up, I would wake up on Sundays to someone banging on my door saying, "Ferris you are going to be late to church if you don't get up." We all know teenagers are barely awake during their Sunday School time and it is a constant struggle to keep them engaged. I wonder why we didn't start church later?

Well today Wade woke up at 5 AM after both of us having a hard time of sleeping and got ready to go to church. He pulled out of our house at 5:37 AM and I couldn't believe how early it was! In Mt. Horeb days I thought getting up at 6:15 was early! Well anyway, thankfully I got to go back to sleep and woke up at 8:20 to Scooter scratching on his crate telling me he was ready to get up. So I got ready and I have just been sitting around waiting to go to the 11:30 service.

So right now I am praying for Wade who was getting ready for three services at 6 AM and who will finish things out when I am just then making it to church. Boy do I love Elevation!


A would you rather wednesday

Since I can't think of anything else to write about I figured I would do a Would You Rather Wednesday...

So would you rather

have your eye fall out at random times
have uncontrollable constant drool?

I would go with the eye. I would just wear an eye patch and then be super hardcore.


Measure A LOT!

I have been having lots of trouble with measuring lately. First, it was our fridge. We tried to make sure it would fit width wise but we never opened the door to measure if it would hit our protruding counter which it pretty much does. Then when it was time for us to get a sleeper couch so guests could stay with us I measured the width of the couch to make sure it would fit along the wall I wanted it to go. However I didn't measure to make sure it could go through the guest bedroom door. So we are couchless for our guests and I have no idea what to get instead. At least Value City Furniture took the couch back with a full refund.

So I learned a valuable lesson, measure absoultely every single thing and never just guess that it will work. And it might be helpful to keep a tape measure in my purse.


Can I get some breeze?

As some of you may know Wade and I have a 2006 Corolla and a 1997 Pathfinder. Both are good cars, run well, don't need to go to the shop really, and have their own unique purposes. However, the Pathfinder has no air conditioning...well it kinda does. It gets colder on the interstate, but if you aren't going 65 mph then it feels like a desert heat. So Wade has lived with this for 3 or 4 years now. The summer starts, he feels the heat, deals with it for awhile, gets to the breaking point, then realizes summer is almost over, and makes a stand againist getting it fixed. And somehow I got out of having to drive the Pathfinder because we made a rule whoever has the nicer job gets the Corolla (because you end up with sweat stains on your clothes).

As you all know Wade has started his job and I don't have one. So Wade being the good husband he is said I could still drive the Corolla since I am a lady and need air, but in keeping with the honor of our rule I took the Pathfinder. It isn't too bad because I am in the house most of the time trying to get things done. Or on the phone with Sears for 14 hours trying to get a stinking fridge that isn't working out. But when I have to ride in that beast of a microwave I feel like my skin is slowly melting off. So the next time you are out in car feeling that cold breeze flow through your hair and it gets too cold so you turn the vent away remember your friend Ferris who is is a pool of her own sweat begging for a little blast of coolness to come her way.


Time Warner and Getting Things Done

I am in my house starting a blog while the Time Warner guy installs another cable outlet. He actually came within the time frame I was given. But what do you do when these people are here? I mean he is intently working so you can't really start some in-depth conversation and then it is the cable guy so you can't just keep watching TV. I tried to do some things around the house, but as I was working he would say "Ma'am" and then ask me some question. So I decided to grab my computer and sit at our eat in kitchen table so that way I am out of his way, but close enough to answer any questions he may have.

I must say I have been getting a lot done around the house by not having a job. I used to be so nervous when I would have to go somewhere to purchase a big item or talk on the phone about getting some kind of service, but I have been so good at it recently. I have gone to Lowe's and requested a fence estimate, called another fence person for an estimate, gone to Value City Furniture in hopes to buy a couch, visited a gym that we may become members of, and the list goes on.

But keep me in your prayers about a job. I know God has something special out there waiting for me. I just need to find it!



I know I know. It's like I fell off the world. I have been all around the southeast it feels like these last few weeks. From Columbia to Atlanta back to Columbia then to Belton to Columbia back to Atlanta then once again to Columbia and finally to Charlotte. We are now in Charlotte loving the area we picked to live and having a great time in the new house. I am busy unpacking boxes and still trying to find a job while Wade is now officially working at Elevation. I promise I will update more now that cable is up and the house is becoming more like a home.