Crazy God stuff

In one week Elevation went from 2400 something to 2812. Who does that? We do. That's some crazy God stuff right there. God is lighting up Charlotte right now!
This past Sunday happened to be the beginning of the 80's rock series. TV's were spray painted in neon colors playing 80's videos and the Super Mario's tune was the countdown song. Guitar Hero was available for people to play outside while waiting to get in. And the band played Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit...yes we know it was the 90s, but if you want to know why it was played then watch the sermon online or the listen to the podcast.

I feel so honored to be at a church that is so creative and out of the box. I like that people are so excited to go to the church that they never want to miss it. I love that fact that week after week people are surrendering their lives to Christ and then passionately pursuing their friends because they want them to know Jesus too. It is exciting.

I have a picture for all you Mt. Horeb peeps. Wade led worship last Sunday for the high school event called Pulse and a lady at the church named Lisa takes pictures of Elevation events and she captured one that I thought you all would love. You can check out other Elevation pics here.

I figured you would all love wide-open mouth Wade about to eat his mic. And hopefully it will bring a smile to your face. We miss you!



Kelly H. said...

That is definitely pleach! :) I love that you said that, and I'm so glad that you and Wade moved here to be part of Elevation!

Megan said...

THE BABY TIGER CUB ROAR!!! I miss that, I miss singing back-up to that, I MISS YALL!

Anonymous said...

Love it(could make a nice default pic). . . and both of you. I miss seeing you guys. One of these days I will make a trip up there to worship with you.