Can I get some breeze?

As some of you may know Wade and I have a 2006 Corolla and a 1997 Pathfinder. Both are good cars, run well, don't need to go to the shop really, and have their own unique purposes. However, the Pathfinder has no air conditioning...well it kinda does. It gets colder on the interstate, but if you aren't going 65 mph then it feels like a desert heat. So Wade has lived with this for 3 or 4 years now. The summer starts, he feels the heat, deals with it for awhile, gets to the breaking point, then realizes summer is almost over, and makes a stand againist getting it fixed. And somehow I got out of having to drive the Pathfinder because we made a rule whoever has the nicer job gets the Corolla (because you end up with sweat stains on your clothes).

As you all know Wade has started his job and I don't have one. So Wade being the good husband he is said I could still drive the Corolla since I am a lady and need air, but in keeping with the honor of our rule I took the Pathfinder. It isn't too bad because I am in the house most of the time trying to get things done. Or on the phone with Sears for 14 hours trying to get a stinking fridge that isn't working out. But when I have to ride in that beast of a microwave I feel like my skin is slowly melting off. So the next time you are out in car feeling that cold breeze flow through your hair and it gets too cold so you turn the vent away remember your friend Ferris who is is a pool of her own sweat begging for a little blast of coolness to come her way.


Anonymous said...

Ashley's air conditioner just went out in her car, and we had to replace the whole thing to the tune of $750. . . then we had to write that big check to Upstate. I miss you Joye's!!!

Hope to see you sometime soon.
Love you both,

George said...

Since it cools off on the Interstate it sounds like you just need to drive faster...all the time. We miss you guys.

Will said...

I have ridden in this pathfinder in the past month and I can say pretty confidently that it frightened me. I think it might be time to retire that thing.