Time Warner and Getting Things Done

I am in my house starting a blog while the Time Warner guy installs another cable outlet. He actually came within the time frame I was given. But what do you do when these people are here? I mean he is intently working so you can't really start some in-depth conversation and then it is the cable guy so you can't just keep watching TV. I tried to do some things around the house, but as I was working he would say "Ma'am" and then ask me some question. So I decided to grab my computer and sit at our eat in kitchen table so that way I am out of his way, but close enough to answer any questions he may have.

I must say I have been getting a lot done around the house by not having a job. I used to be so nervous when I would have to go somewhere to purchase a big item or talk on the phone about getting some kind of service, but I have been so good at it recently. I have gone to Lowe's and requested a fence estimate, called another fence person for an estimate, gone to Value City Furniture in hopes to buy a couch, visited a gym that we may become members of, and the list goes on.

But keep me in your prayers about a job. I know God has something special out there waiting for me. I just need to find it!

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Will said...

Welcome back my #1 blogger!!