Measure A LOT!

I have been having lots of trouble with measuring lately. First, it was our fridge. We tried to make sure it would fit width wise but we never opened the door to measure if it would hit our protruding counter which it pretty much does. Then when it was time for us to get a sleeper couch so guests could stay with us I measured the width of the couch to make sure it would fit along the wall I wanted it to go. However I didn't measure to make sure it could go through the guest bedroom door. So we are couchless for our guests and I have no idea what to get instead. At least Value City Furniture took the couch back with a full refund.

So I learned a valuable lesson, measure absoultely every single thing and never just guess that it will work. And it might be helpful to keep a tape measure in my purse.

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Anonymous said...

You're not the first to face this - we can't get a couch in our FROG (now Laura's room) or our guest bedroom either! A couple of thoughts - a futon... or there are some sofas with backs that detach... can't remember the brand... or a daybed w/ cushions that act as a couch back.

Love and miss you,
Claire A. <><