Follow the Rabbi

I learned so much this weekend at youth specialties. And I could literally talk forever how each session and seminar spoke to me and how I am going to do things to change the world now! However, that seems like those things could be a distant memory in a month. Instead I am going to tell you the one piece of advice that I felt like everything kind of fell under.

Wade and I attended "Jesus as Rabbi" a seminar led by Ray VanderLaan. He is an American Christian who decided to learn just how Jesus and the Jews did...by following a rabbi. So after instense rabbi learning things he is now a rabbi who can teach other rabbis. And although his seminar had some amazing things of the culture and times of Jesus there was one main thing that stuck to me. Am I doing everything I can, to do exactly what my rabbi (Jesus) did?

Well, I feel like I am taking steps to do that. I recently started trying to read through the Bible. I started over a month ago and I am starting the book of Leviticus today. Wade told me if I can get through this I can get through anything. But Ray gave me something else that would help me follow my rabbi and I think it might be something that anyone reading this should think about doing. Read one of the gospels each month for 3 years. So this December read Matthew, Jan. read Mark, Feb. read Luke, March read John and repeat that for three years. Each day you will be following what we know of our rabbi's life.

If you have a dedication to the word like that and you begin to do what Jesus did then I really think that all of the "other" things will fall into place. Even though I heard an amazing Christian at the convention talk about helping the poor I know that should just fall into place when I am really following my rabbi. And I heard someone say to put God before your dreams...but Jesus always did that so if I am following Him then that should fall into place too.

Wade said one of his seminars had this quote: God cares more about who you are rather than what you are doing for him. God wants to know us personally not just see us doing busy things because we think that is the next logical step in order to serve Him.

Really...think about doing the gospel thing. I am adding it to my Bible reading. This month I got Leviticus and Matthew!

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Andrew Stewart said...

ferris it's a good challenge, I think it sounds cool and I believe I shall try it out with you.