Youth Specialties

So Wade, the youth staff, and I are going to be at the youth specialties conference this weekend. I think it will be really awesome to learn how to be a better youth worker so we can come back and use the practical tips to enhance Ignite.

I am also really excited about getting to spend an entire weekend with my wonderful husband. No work for me on Friday, Wade's cell phone completely bombed so he can't get calls, and we get to go to the twinkling city of Charlotte. It is our mini-vacation!

I think it is awesome when your husband does this stuff. Technically I knew about the conference but had not said anything about going and sure enough I found out we had our own hotel room and all I needed to do is take off one day from work. I will say Wade is amazing at making sure that he never puts ministry above me. I know that God is first in his life and that the things he is doing for God through ministry are extremely important to him. But he wouldn't honor God by putting ministry above me...instead he would have a lonely wife.

And I will tell anyone that I am extremely blessed to be married to Wade. He is the most loving, humble, patient, romantic, passionate, humorous, nurturing, exciting, and adventurous husband that God has ever placed on the earth. I don't think any wife has it as good as I do. I can't believe I got to marry him. And I will always see Wade as my hero and best friend. How can it ever get better than that?

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Rachel said...

you and wade are such an inspiration! i love to see ya'll in ministry and then just hanging out..ya'll are consistantly faithful!