Rescue an Animal

I was having another day of researching a totally random topic and decided to look up animal shelters. I found this documentary about a Las Vegas animal shelter that was pretty cruel. I got about 3 seconds into it and the camera zoomed in on the dog and the dog puts its paw on the cage door and then gets on its hind legs and paws for the camera man to let him out. So of course I begin to get teary eyed and I have to stop before I begin weeping in front of everyone. But soon I am going to finish the video. Video: Born to Die

I have no idea how many people look at this blog but I am hoping at least one person will read this who wants a pet and is making the decision between buying a dog from a breeder and adopting one that has had a shelter life. PLEASE pick adopting. There are so many of God's creatures out there that are in desperate need of a home and searching for a family. So if you aren't a show dog person then what better way to save a little life than adopting the shelter pet.

Just look at these adorable faces who need to be adopted here in Columbia, SC. I found all of these pets on the
Project Pet website.

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