Missing Out

This weekend I went to visit the Ivester clan. We celebrated my mom's 50th bday! (HAPPY BDAY MOM!) And I got to see my sister who is pregnant with her first baby: Pressley. It was so fun to be there. You never really realize how much you miss your family until you get to experience being there and then have to leave. It is hard knowing that if I want to go see my family I have to plan this big event. I mean Sharlie is having all these baby things happening that I want to be part of but I miss out on a lot being here in Columbia.

I kind of had a realization with my relationship with God too. It had always been hard for me to just read the Bible through. I would start with Genesis every time and by chapter 5 I lost interest or forgot to read for a few days and then got in this cycle of trying to start over. However recently for some reason since it had been awhile since I had gotten in His Word hardcore I decided to give it a try again. And this time once I started reading I realized how much I was really missing Him. So now I am trying this reading plan that goes through the Bible how we believe it chronologically happened. So I finally finished Genesis, got through Job and I am now a little ways into Exodus. I am so excited that I am really getting into it. And I feel like God is really helping me retain what I have learned. It is so exciting. And on that note I am going to read some more of Exodus!

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