I heart CSI

Wade and I have gotten into this crazy CSI: Crime Scene Investigation kick. Since the writer's strike is still happening all of our other shows that we were super excited about have been postponed. Thankfully CSI hasn't let us down, it comes on like every channel and has a marathon on every day so we have recorded them and have a CSI supply that will last us a long time. One of the reasons that we like it so much is because our fave character Greg Sanders is on it. He is super funny and our favorite Greg moment was this.
(Location CSI lab)
Warrick Brown: It looks the USB we found at her office is more than meets the eye.
Greg Sanders: So it is a transformer.

If you know me and Wade you might guess that we pausesd the show, laughed for awhile, rewound to hear it again, then laughed again. It is something that Wade would definitely say. Of course now Wade says that if he was a Crime Scene Investigator he would be just like Greg.

Can you see a resemblance?
Greg Sanders/Eric Szmanda (photo from IMDB)

Wade Joye

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