What a Weekend

I spent the entire weekend (from Saturday afternoon to Monday evening) vomiting. Apparently I either got some stomach bug or ate something bad. Who knows? But it was definitely not fun. The thing though is I could really care less about how it was affecting me. I just kept praying that it would be over soon so the baby wouldn't get dehydrated or feel sick. But I went to the doctor yesterday to make sure everything was okay and the baby was fine. Heart beating at 150 or so bpm.

It is amazing though how we revert back to our childhood days when our mom would take care of us. I just let Wade do everything for me. He was amazing and asked how he could serve me even though he had such a long day on Sunday. I am so blessed. But now I am feeling back to normal. I am still taking it slow eating, but things are getting better.

I have about 2 or 3 posts in my head so I don't have any reason not to get a good blog in within the next day or 2.

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bethbrown said...

I'm so glad you're finally starting to feel better Ferris!! I'm sorry you were so sick...miss you!