My Favorite Things (part 3)

So, this is installment number 3 of my favorite things in baby world. Sorry it has taken so long. I have been trying to post this for 4 days but I had to give up on blogger video since it is SOOO slow. So you will get youtube uploads instead from now on.

Number 3 isn't really a product it is more of a change that we made in our routine that ended up being really smart for us. When we first brought the girls home, they got baths every other day, it was in a really awkward time and the girls would cry the whole time. So, we decided we needed a bedtime routine and we put their baths into the mix. We give them baths now around 6:30. Then they get toweled off and put in a big blanket. We give them their bottles and after bottles they get a massage with lavender baby lotion and then we dress them for bed. But the best thing is sometime between feeding and their massage Wade pulls out the guitar and plays for our babies and whoever is here joins in. Usually, we get what Elevation played the previous Sunday or what they are going to play that coming Sunday so it is kind of like the babies get their own worship time! The girls love the new routine and it makes them look forward to bath time.

Here is a video of our bedtime routine with the whole family singing to the girls. Adleigh and Liana are making really funny faces in it. Enjoy! (especially you Pressley)


Kari said...

Thanking you for sharing that. Tearing up as you sing "We'll give Him all the glory!" while you hold your miracles.

It reminds me that even though my preemie miracles of 4 & 5 yo are driving me crazy. I still need to give God all the glory for my girls!

Anna Owens said...

I love this "Favorite Thing!" Thank you for sharing this special time with us. I am so glad that your girls are doing so well.I look on your blog often and continue to pray for them--give God all the glory! Miss you guys and so thankful that you are doing well!

geisme said...

Ferris, So glad that you are finding things that work for you. I used to take my girls in the shower with me when they needed a bath. Once they could sit on their own, I'd plop them in the back of the tub, give them some toys to play with & call it good. It truly does get easier & having 2 is such an awesome blessing. :)

Nikki Morton said...

Awwww! That is soo adorable! Micah and Bren love for their daddy to sing to them, too. Wait til Adleigh and Liana learn to dance and sing along as they grow. That's the most AWESOME ever!! :) Onesie drive is going amazing, by the way, just in case you haven't heard!! ;) Talk to you soon!

Anonymous said...

What an awesome family moment. Thanks for sharing this "favorite" with us. We're looking forward to creating similar moments when our little one arrives in July.


Anonymous said...

We have enjoyed following your girls' progress. Our friends go to Elevation -- we had a 31-weeker in September and are going through lots of the same issues. Babies are such a blessing.
All the best.