Bear Suits and Updates

Well, I haven't been posting lately because I was just utterly exhausted. Each night I would be lucky to get 3 hours of sleep and that would be just in 30 minute stretches. I was running on nothing. Through the night the girls would go back and forth crying until I would pick them up. Thankfully, our physical therapist mentioned a mom of triplets who found peace through Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child. And it just so happened that my sister gave me the book when I was pregnant so I found it skimmed through it.
Our changes: We went to an earlier bedtime and stopped waking them up for a top-off feeding. It has been about 3 nights now and we have seen vast improvements! Last night Liana slept 9 hours straight! I am praising God for getting me through that stretch cause I think I was about to be a crazy lady. Anyway, I should be back to blogging now.

Since it is freezing outside the girls wore their bear suits to the doctor and of course I took some pictures.

I do have a few updates about the girls medically. Adleigh went to her cardiologist and we found out she still has her ASD which is a medium sized hole in the atrium of her heart. So far it hasn't gotten any smaller since they last checked her which was about 10 lbs ago. She will go to the cardiologist every year until she turns 3 or 4 and they will evaluate then if it is still too large and if they will need to close it.
Both girls were cleared by their eye doctor that their ROP had resolved and they will just need to go back when they are 1 year old.
Liana is pretty much back to her old self. She is getting used to her shunt and is playing more and laughing a lot. Her scars look really good and hopefully as she gets bigger we won't really see them.
I think that is all the updates for now. Thank you for praying for our sweet girls!


Holly Furtick said...

That is my very favorite baby book. I can't believe I forgot to mention it to you. I am usually pretty obnoxious about that. So happy for you!

muffintop said...

They look so cute in their bear suits! And I LOVE that book. That is the one book that I always recommend!!!

geisme said...

I used Ferber. Also another mother of twins once told me that the pediatricians consider anything beyond 5 hours a night- sleeping through the night. If they can do it once, then they can do it ALL THE TIME. So don't let them sucker you back into a middle of the night feeding. :) (I've heard & seen many moms-even singletons do this.)
The bear suits are adorable!

Kelly H. said...

Yay!! I'm so glad you found something that works for you and your girls...healthy sleep habits, happy MOM!! They are precious, love the bear suits.

Aimee and I said...

The girls are just adorable! We miss you guys tons! I hope all is well and there is not a day that goes by that we don't think about you. Keep making beautiful memories. God Bless!


Adam & Aimee :)

Erin said...

I'm so happy for you! I don't comment on blogs very often, but a new mommy getting some sleep is enough to make me celebrate! I'm sure you feel like a new woman. I went a very long time w/out good sleep and to this day I find myself saying "Thank you, Lord" when I open my eyes from a restful night, and I haven't had newborns in years...but oh, I'll never take sleep for granted again!

Anonymous said...

I can agree with the earlier bedtime. My daughter is 9 months old and when we started putting her to bed around 7:00 or 7:30 it made a big difference. We too were waking her for a feeding before we went to bed and that is not a good thing because she would then wake up. I never thought the days of middle of the night waking would be over, but usually she sleeps all night.
It does get better!! :)

Lindsey Gallagher said...

Those outfits are adorable!! Glad you're getting some more sleep!! Sleep is a beautiful thing. :)

K said...

Glad to hear things are going well (at least now that there is more sleeping)! The bear suits are so cute!