Quick Updates

Adleigh is still recovering from her surgery. She has been out of it for about 36 hours now. The nurse tonight said she is starting to move around some more and be a little more active. Once she really wakes up then they will try and wean her off the ventilator. Even when she was totally out of it she was trying to pull her head away from the tubes. I think she will be off of it in no time. Adleigh lost a little weight. I am guessing it is because she went through the surgery and everything. She weighs 3 lbs 3.4 ounces. She is just completely adorable!

Liana is just growing bigger and stronger. She is now up to 5 ml of milk. She has some episodes of desatting but she usually recovers on her own. Wade got to hold her for about 15 minutes but then she desat so we had to put her back up. She is 10 grams away from being 2 lbs 10 ounces! She is growing so fast. I can't believe I have such gorgeous daughters!

Sorry for the fast update. I am so sleepy though! Can't wait for church in the morning!


Colleen Corbett said...

Ferris, I'm so glad to hear the good news about the girls. Along with lots of other people I'm sure, I check both yours and Wade's blog right around this time for these daily updates. Thank you for taking the time to do so, even when you may not always have the energy! I pray that surgeries are over with, and before you know it, you will be complaining about how heavy the girls are in those infant car seats!

Julianne Westberry said...

Dear Ferris,

You do not know me, but I am a member of Second Baptist Church of Belton and have been praying along with everyone else concerning your beautiful twins. The prayers are also being said amongst my adoption support group and many other friends. We are praying for you and your family Daily.

Julianne Westberry