Answering Prayers

We had a great day with both girls. I got to do Kangaroo care with Adleigh and I held her for an hour. I finally felt like a mom since I got to hold one of my daughters for an extended period of time. Adleigh had the last dose of the medication to close her PDA at 2:30 pm and she will have an echo in the morning to see if it has closed. I really believe we will hear tomorrow that the medication was successful. Here are two pictures of Adleigh. She is so funny with her hands.

Liana is responding well to the steroid shots! Praise the Lord! When we went in there today she was down to 35% of oxygen needed on the oscillator. We are so thankful that the Lord is healing her lungs and making it a lot easier for her to breathe. We believe she will be off that oscillator soon. She also has been eating some. The past feeding she didn't digest, but it has been good to start the process of preparing her digestive system. Liana having MRSA has changed our routine quite a bit. We aren't supposed to go back and forth between the nurseries now, but I think that Liana's new spot is going to be much better for her. It is quieter than her old spot and darker. She doesn't seem to like much stimulation right now so this seems better for her. This is Liana and she has our new blankets under her.


babes.having.babes said...

theyre so beautiful fe. praying praying praying for yall.

Sharlie said...

Ferris, they are so gorgeous. I think of you guys non-stop. I showed Pressley the video of Adleigh the other day and she got so excited and pointed at the computer and yelled, "Baby!" Before we know it our daughters will be playing together.
I love you,

Becky Boyles said...


I am tracking your progress with the babies each day through your blog. I am joining the many others who are praying for the girls each day and many times through the day they cross my mind and I lift a prayer for all of you. Second Baptist is praying as a congregation. We serve a wonderful God and He is abundantly able to meet all needs.

Becky Boyles

Tasha Via said...

What beautiful little girls they are=) We are continuing to pray!!

Corrie J said...

Lovely, just lovely. Your faith challenges me!

Lauren said...


i am amazed by the courage of your hearts. praying for those sweet girls, and every cell and vein and neuron to work together to function as a whole and complete body.

love to you and wade.

Becky said...

Hi Ferris! I am Sarah Burton Troutman's aunt. I wanted to let you and your family know that I am praying for you and your daughters. Our church is covering you with prayer too! We will continue to pray for healing. As I read your blog today I had an unusual thought. So I acted upon the thought...and laid hands on the pictures of the babies and prayed for them each. Thank you for posting the pics. They are PRECIOUS!

We will continue to pray for you and your husband to be God's light to the nurses and doctors as you share Jesus with them.

We love you!
Your friends from VA

April said...

Dear Ferris,
I know you don't know me, just wanted to let you know that our family is praying for your beautiful daughters. Two of my children laid hands on your girls' pictures and prayed for them this morning. We will continue to lift your precious family up in prayer. God bless, April

The Gotbeters said...

We had our 1st Wes service tonight at Seacoast and we were praying for you like crazy! I know you dont know me but we just wanted to let you know that we have been praying for you and love to read these updates!
" Strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord, wait upon the Lord!"