My First Birthday as a Mom!

So I turned 24 today and this is my first birthday being a mom! When I walked to Adleigh's isolette I had a little present. It was a little card that had her footprints and it said Happy Birthday Mommy. Love, Adleigh. I was so excited. It was so cute and I can't wait to get a baby book started and put that in there. Although that would require me actually getting some supplies to put together a baby scrapbook. And I have to make two of them so one doesn't feel left out.

Anyway...Adleigh is still doing really well. Wade and I have started praying that Adleigh would soon get down to 4 liters of oxygen (right now she is on 5) and do really well with it. We are also praying that her PDA will be completely closed by her next echo (not sure when that is yet). And our last big request is that she would have an easy time digesting the milk.

When I saw Liana today, I also got a little surprise from her! She had the footprints card that told me happy birthday as well! This was actually the first set of little footprints we have gotten from Liana. They were so cute. Liana had her blood culture and spinal fluid taken today. I got to hold her right after her lumbar puncture (LP) and she seemed to really enjoy it. I think after such a big procedure she just needed to be held by her mommy.

Our specific prayers for Liana are: That the blood culture and LP would come back negative, that her brain ultrasound tomorrow will come back showing her brain is completely healed with no swelling, that she eats again soon and gains weight, and that she would get down to 2 liters on her oxygen (she is on 3 now). Thank you for joining with us in these specific prayers for our girls.

I also ask that you continue to pray for our friends Aimee and Adam Freeman and little Kayleigh. They have found out that their daughter needs surgery, but she is too small for it. Check out their blog to get the full story and how you can pray for them.


Carly Nicole Elliotte My Micro Preemie said...

Hi guys. The girls seem to be just sailing along at a comfortable pace right now. I'll continue to pray for Adleigh's PDA to close and I know once that does she'll have an easier time breathing and her oxygen support will be less. I also will continue to pray the her little tummy does it's job in breaking down all the fod she needs. I also pray that Liana's cultures come back negative. It's kinda nerve racking waiting those 48 hours for test results. It always seemed as if we were waiting on results to come back on Carly. I pray for peace and comfort for the 2 of you through this time and that God continues to watch over your little ones through this stressfull time in their lives.

In Christ,

Anonymous said...

I have been following your blog and praying for you, your husband and your babies! God is a God that constantly astoundes me and amazes me with His beautiful faithfulness and peaceful love!

Judy said...

Dear Ferris,
Happy Birthday! We rejoice with you for all many good reports! As for the baby books, my suggestion is to make it as easy on yourself as your can. Make an 8.5"x11" size book for you to keep, then scan the pages for books for the twins, then add the extra doodads. They will still look beautiful, when you put the pages into a Memory book.
We pray daily for you and your precious family. Jesus is the Healer and the Restorer. Rest in His arms and be renewed daily. I'm very proud of you.
Judy Gilmore

Becky Fain said...

Thank you both so much for opening yourselves up to all of us so that we can pray specific prayers for you and your girls. Your faith has been an inspiration to me and many others. Thank you. I will be standing along side you and your husband in prayer for little Adleigh and Liana.
With Christ's Love,
Becky Fain