Fat Cheeks

*I had some awesome pics for this post, but after 4 tries of posting them and getting an error everytime I quit. Check back later and I might get some time to try it again.*

I had a great time with both of the girls today. Adleigh was looking super cute and was being alert when I had my time with her. I just held her in blankets today for about twenty minutes since her temperature was a little low for kangaroo care. All the nurses talk about how chubby she is for her size. She really does have some baby fat on her cheeks and they all love her head full of dark hair.

Adleigh has her echo tomorrow and were are continuing to pray that her PDA would be closed. She is still eating her 1 ml of milk every 3 hours and she is doing well with that. Right now she is 2 lbs 15 ounces! So close to 3 lbs.

Liana was looking beautiful today. She opened her eyes a little for me. I got to kangaroo care her and she always looks so comfy. She kept stretching her hand out and would almost touch my face...it was just a little out of her reach.

Liana had her brain scan today and they said everything is pretty much unchanged. One of the nurses told us the results and said the report talked about the level 4 brain bleed on the left side and a level 1 on the right. So we haven't heard from the doctor about the right bleed so we are going to talk to them some more tomorrow. Our prayer is still that God will completely heal her brain and we are excited to see how and when He does this!

We also haven't heard anything come back about her blood culture so that is a great sign. More than likely these antibiotics have killed off the bacteria. Liana is eating her 1 ml every 3 hours and doing great with that. She is up to 2 lbs 3.2 ounces. Yeah for Liana gaining some weight!


Adam & Aimee Freeman said...

When I was sitting there talking with you today in the NICU, I knew there was something I was suppose to tell you. Sorry that I forgot, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Tell Wade that Undivided is officially my favorite song EVER!!! I am in love with the CD. Something that is awesome that you will all get to experience when your girls get older...but Allyson was singing along to one of Wade's songs in the car. It makes me feel so wonderful inside that they pay attention to something so special. We are praying for you all! Adam and Aimee

Carly Nicole Elliotte My Micro Preemie said...

I'm glad to hear he girls are doign well. And praise God for no bad cultures thus far. I pray that nothing shows up. And I'm still praying that He heals her PDA. I continue to pray for peace, comfort and strength for you guys as you face the struggles each and every day.