Cute Video

I am trying to read through the Bible and today I started reading Job. What a great book for me to read right now. This response from Job shows so much faith and trust in God. (Job 1:21)
"Naked I came from my mother's womb, and naked I will depart. The LORD gave and the LORD has taken away; may the name of the LORD be praised." I hope that through everything that has happened with our girls that I will always praise the name of the Lord.

Adleigh was still on the vent today. They decided to give her 4 doses of steroids. She will get one every 12 hours. I think by tomorrow morning she will have had 2 of the doses and they will see if she is ready to try the nasal cannula again. She was pretty alert when I was with her today. She would look around but she couldn't move her head. She did start eating 1 ml of milk every 3 hours and it looks like she has done well with that so far.

Our prayers for Adleigh are: to have her swelling go down in her throat so she will be able to go to the nasal cannula and breathe easily and that she would be able to digest her food.

Liana had another brain ultrasound today and it was stable. Still no real changes and there was no swelling in the ventricles. We were so thankful to hear these results since her head had grown some over the past week, but that looks like it was just head growth...just taking after her daddy! She is up to 10 ml on her feeds and it gets pumped into her stomach over an hour. She tolerates it really well, but she hasn't pooped yet since she started eating. Hopefully we will see that happen soon. They are giving Liana about 9 doses over 3 days of Lasix which will take some of the fluid out of the lungs so that she can have an easier time breathing.

Our prayers for Liana are: that she will have a big poo, that she can wean down on her oxygen, and that ultimately one of her brain scans will come back showing she is completely healed.

I got some great pics of Liana today and an awesome video. Per Wade's request I am posting the video.


Sharlie said...

Liana is precious. I miss you!

Tasha Via said...

What a sweet video. Thank you for specific prayer requests for us to pray for.

Anonymous said...


Don't worry about the head growth with Liana when I was born at 30 weeks I had a huge head and the drs. were worried that there was something wrong with my head but there wasn't. My head was in the 99th percentile.


Michelle Jamie said...

WOW!! It is so nice to see Liana in action!!

Will be praying :)

Stephanie said...

She IS beautiful!

gina said...

Gosh, those girls are just lovely!!!

Paige said...

Your girls are so beautiful. Your blog is one of the first things I do each morning. I love the updates. Our family continues to pray for you and your girls.

Lisa said...

She's beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

Colleen Corbett said...

she's awesome Ferris! She looks so big on the video! She's movin' and shakin'!! Love it!

Anonymous said...

So cool seeing Liana and hearing your sweet mama voice talking to her. Continuing to pray for you guys.

Love, Claire A.