Doing Better

Today we found out that Adleigh's blood culture came back with an infection. They had already started her on the antibiotics and it looks like she is responding well to the medicine and she is having a better day. She was having fewer brady episodes and her temperature was a little better. She even had a bath today and was without her CPAP for 30 minutes and was doing great! Tomorrow they are going to check her spinal fluid to make sure nothing has gone into that. We are asking that you pray this antibiotic kills all the infection and that nothing has crossed over into her spinal fluid.

Liana had an exceptional day. She went from being at 60% on her oxygen levels last night to 30% today. At one point she was down to 25%. The goal is to be at 21% because that is the level of oxygen that you and I breathe. She is doing so well! I got to kangaroo care her again today. This time it went a lot better. She seemed to snuggle in but she kept desaturating so I could only hold her for about 30 minutes. She is eating now and is up to 4 ml!


Matt, Laura, Haley and Baby said...

Hi Ferris - I am a friend of Katie Brock's and Brittan too - anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I am praying for your family during this time - we have two little girls too and hearing about what is going on with yours - well, I can remember that amazing, overwhelming, powerful feeling of becoming a mom - and just thinking about how everything is compounded for you guys - wow. We are praying that you guys will have rest, peace, and that your hope will be hugely rewarded. God is having "kangaroo time" with those girls every single second!

Claire said...

Just wanted you and Wade to know that your Mt. Horeb youth and parents prayed for you on July 1 - while on the beach at Big Stuf. What a thrill to read your blog of that day - God is amazing and listening to Sun Stand Still from Wade's blog - Wow! What a God we serve! We love you and are continuing to pray for Liana, Adleigh, you and Wade.

Love you all,
Claire and Laura Andrews

Michelle Jamie said...

Dear Ferris,

I e-mailed you but never got a response so I'm not sure if something went wrong.

I wanted to let you know that I'm taking a break from all blogging but I will be praying for you, Wade and your daughters, everyday during that time.

Much prayers from a stranger, serving your family in prayer within the body of Christ.