Rough Day

Well Adleigh certainly had our attention today. When I called this morning they let me know they had put her on the nasal cannula and it seemed she was doing well. When I got to the NICU this afternoon she was still doing okay but she was having more bradys and apnea spells. Around 4 they decided she was having too many so they put her on the bubble CPAP. Since she has been on that we have had some ups and downs. She had two episodes where they had to bag her. When Wade and I were there, we had to stimulate her from her bradys like every 5-10 minutes. On top of that she had to move to a different bed since she was still in her surgery bed and then they had to move her isolette. She had a big day and it was rough on her. When we left her at 9 tonight she was doing better. Please pray that Adleigh would breathe easily and that her brain would remember that she has to keep breathing. We are also specifically praying that she would stay on the bubble CPAP and not have to go back on the vent.

Liana was looking great today. The max she can eat with her food right now is 20 ml and she has gotten up to 12. So we only have a few mls to go before she is at full feeds! And once she gets there and ends her antibiotics we won't have to have her IV line in anymore. And that means we will be able to give her an actual bath at some point. So Liana is doing really well right now. Also, she had a poo last night! Thank you for your continued prayers for her brain and digestive system.


GE is me said...

Ferris & Wade & baby girls, God is good. Your girls are beautiful. I am also a mom of identical girls. Mine are 3 now. A book that you may want to look at (in all your free time. ha.)is "Super baby food" by Ruth Yaron. She is also a mom of twins, I believe who were born premature. She talks about feeding them homemade stuff instead of all the jarred & processed stuff you can buy in the store.
Ferris, I hope you've been able to pump & give these girls some of your milk.
I am standing in faith with y'all & praying for you on this road.
God Bless, -Gail

Denise Northern said...

I am praying for your family. I understand the ups and downs of being in the NICU, Parker has been in for 8 weeks now. I had to watch him struggle to breathe too and it was hard, but he did it and I believe your little one will be fun.

Hang in there and know there are others that understand what you are going through!

God Bless You

kelly said...

I love you guys so much. I'm sure it's not easy to relive the scary moments when you put them up here, but I'm so thankful you do. Somehow I feel like I have more faith when praying for your situation than I do when I pray for my own life...which then pushes me on to have more faith in my own life. Haha it's really awesome. God is good, and I'm thankful we get to witness the great things He is doing in your lives.

Tim O'Keefe said...

Hey Ferris,
You and Wade are inspirations. Your faith. Your trust in God. I love reading your posts. Thank you for your strength. I pray for you guys every day.
Peace and love,
Tim O'Keefe

The Carvers said...

Dear Ferris,
We wanted you to know we have been praying for you, Wade, Liana and Adleigh. Thank you for keeping this blog so that we are able to pray specifically and praise God for all the great and wonderful things he has done.
You are both amazing parents. The pictures and video are awesome. Your faith and strength are an inspiration. We love you all and will continue to pray for you.
-Chris, Suzy, Christian & Travis Carver