Little Champs

We have been so blessed to have the girls doing great right now. Adleigh is still eating and we are just trying to get to it up there so we can take her off of her IV that gives her the other nutrients she needs. She is up to 13 ml of milk and I think her max is 27 ml. They actually had to up her max some since she is becoming a little chunk! She is also being a champ with her breathing and we are so proud of her!

Liana is getting so much better with her oxygen. For some reason she will desat a lot when we are messing with her. Maybe she just wants her beauty sleep! But during the day she mostly stays at room air and only needs more oxygen when it is during her cares. Her primary nurse is off for the next 4 days and she said she is scared that they will take her to the progressive care unit while she is gone. Just hearing the nurses start to talk regularly about progressive care seems so unreal. We had that as our goal for so long and now we are close. The Lord is so good!


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Hi Ferris
So good to hear a good report. We continue to stand with you in prayer.
Hugs, Rhondi