Loving our babies

I got to hold Liana today for 2 hours! She did amazing. She just got comfortable and she was loving being held. So tomorrow I guess I will let Wade get to try and hold Liana for a little bit. She had her last steroid shot today at 8pm and she moved up to 10ml in her feedings. If you think of where Liana was just a week ago you can already see God doing so many miracles on our girls' behalf.
Here is Liana being held by her nurse Darlania. She is so tiny in her hands.

Adleigh's blood culture came back with her still having the infection. She seems to be doing much better though. About two days ago she was pretty lethargic from the infection, but today I saw some of that fiesty attitude coming back. We still haven't heard of anything growing in her spinal fluid. We are so thankful for this! Wade got to kangaroo care Adleigh for a little while tonight and she loved it. Overall, both girls had great days today and we believe Adleigh is finally going to get over this infection.


Ryan and Betty Frierson said...

If I didn't know any better, I'd think that was one of Wade's baby pictures! Praise God for answered prayers! All of us up here in Indiana are continuing to pray for you and Wade and your two precious girls.

Gary said...

I love your updates. It brings back memories of my 3 preemie grandchildren. I appreciate your faith so much, too. That is what will bring them through. One note of caution. While rejoicing over the things seen, don't forget to daily speak over the things unseen. There are things with a brain bleed that might not show up for some time: weakness in walking, bad eyes, hearing problems, learning problems, etc. Don't be scared, just don't confine all your praying to what is visible. Blessings. (ggilmore48@yahoo.com)

joyinhim said...

Your girls are being prayed for in NH. Our daughter, Lindsey Gallagher, had serious issues when she was born, but we too believed God had great plans for her...and we know see that part of that plan was Elevation Church.