July 4th for the girls

Happy 4th of July. I am having an early update today!

We went to see the girls today and Adleigh was having a bit of a rough day. She was having a lot of apnea and bradycardia episodes. They decided to check her blood to see if she was fighting an infection. The results we got back aren't crazy bad, but it is a little suspicious. They are doing a blood culture and we will see if anything comes back from that. They will check that every few hours until 48 hours or so passes. We are praying that they don't find anything and that she has no infection. Adleigh also got taken off the nasal cannula and put back on a different type of CPAP so that she could have a little more assistance breathing. When we were in there (when she was still on the nasal cannula) she had an episode where her heart rate dropped like 3 times back to back and I had to keep patting her stomach or feet to stimulate her and help her breathe and get her heart rate up. But now that she is on the CPAP she is doing a lot better.

Liana had a pretty rough night last night. She was desaturating on her oxygen a lot during the night and had to have her level put up to 100%. She also had a little bit of a fever last night, but they think that it had to do with taking her off her pain medication so fast. Today when we got there she had been weaned down to 60% on her oxygen and the doctor said that they would just keep her on the CPAP and keep seeing how she does. We continue to pray that her lungs get stronger and that she can stay on the CPAP at a lower oxygen level.

Thank you for the continued prayers!


Kristin - mum to three princesses said...

Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful baby girls. I happened across your blog as I was reading Kayleigh's (I am a BabyCenter user and have been following Aimee's story). Someone passed along the story of "The Rescuing Hug" to me today and I thought of your girls.


My best to you and your family,

Michelle Jamie said...

Still praying for all of you!