I have no idea what NPO stands for...actually I just looked it up in our preemie book we just bought and it means nothing per os which is Latin for "by mouth." So anyway, both girls have being doing amazing they just had their food stopped. Their tummies were looking a little big so they did some xrays to see how it was going and it looks like they will possibly start eating tomorrow. Liana's heart rate was a little high and her hemoglobin a little low so they decided to give her some extra blood to give her a little boost. She seemed pretty peaceful when we were there today. They put her on some antibiotics in case some of those signs were early indicators of an infection. They did a blood culture this morning just to be precautionary and we haven't heard anything from that.

Liana's head grew a little bit, which we believe is just normal growth, but since she had her brain bleed the doctors are a little more cautious with this. They are going to check her head circumference daily to monitor it. Continue to pray for her healing and that this growth is just her becoming a bigger baby.

Wade and I had our first real date tonight since the babies have been born. We went out for my birthday (it is Sunday). I went with my friend Beth Brown's suggestion and went to Longhorns so I could have their awesome dessert. It was amazing! Our topic of discussion was our girls and how we can't wait to have them home with us. That day will be here soon and it will be awesome.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Ferris!!!

I know the date was much needed by you both :)

Have a blessed weekend.


Carly Nicole Elliotte My Micro Preemie said...

Yes NPO stands for nothing by mouth. I'm still praying for the heaaling of your daughters. And thats good to take time to date each other, especially during the time you girls are in the hospital. You'll be glad you did, it helps to make things a little normal in an un-normal situation.


In Christ,