It has been tough these last few days. Wade and I talked about how we are continuing to trust in the Lord, but it is so hard to understand why certain things happen. I just keep going back to the book of Habbakuk and remembering that the Lord is sovereign. I looked through some of my old blogs and I have seen how God has already answered so many prayers. So it takes remembering how God has worked in our past to help us in the present. God has spoken to us that the girls will be healthy so I am trusting in His promise.

So, the doctors still aren't sure of what is causing Adleigh to be so sick. So far the blood culture, urine culture, and lumbar puncture (spinal fluid) haven't had anything come back. The lumbar puncture (LP) was taken today at 5 so I wouldn't expect anything to come back from that yet. The LP will show if she has meningitis and if she does she has to be on antibiotics for 21 days. Adleigh's nurse today said she didn't think that she had meningitis since she was beginning to act a little better today. It is looking like she has a viral infection which they can't do anything for. Her body would just have to recover on its own. So they are trying to make her comfortable and give her all the support she needs with her breathing, body temperature, and nutrients. One big setback today was that the nurses were unable to get a PCVC (a more permanent IV line) in her vein. Basically they get 3 tries to get one in and today was the third try. So they will try to just use the regular IV for as long as possible, but the next step would be to surgically put in the line. So she would basically have a hose coming out of her chest. We definitely don't want Adleigh to have to go through another surgery so please pray that she will only need the regular IV and she can get it removed quickly.

Liana took another whole bottle today. It is so funny because for the first 20-30 minutes she acts like it is the most horrible thing ever and makes all kinds of faces at me and looks like she is about to cry. And then after 20 minutes she turns into a different baby and starts eating like crazy. So it takes a good 45 minutes to and hour for her to eat 26 ml (30 ml is an ounce)! She got the okay to get 2 bottles a day now so she will get one from me around 5 pm and one by the nurses at 2 am. Liana continues to do better with her oxygen and she seems to tolerate being touched a lot more now. She had a huge dirty diaper that ended up getting on her clothes and blankets and it took 15 minutes for me to clean everything up and she didn't desat at all during that time! I am so proud of her.

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Hopeful said...

I have been reading the story of Abraham and have thought of yall! When Abram was being told by the Lord that he would have an heir and that the number of them would be like the stars in the heavens..
Genesis 15:6 says "Abram believed the Lord, and he credited it to him as righteousness."

Then in Gen. 22:8 when Abraham is told to offer his son as a sacrifice Abraham says... "Abraham answered, God himself will provied the lamb for the burnt offering, my son..."

God told Abraham that he would make him into a great nation...that his heirs would fill the earth...

The Lord told you that your babies will be healthy and grow to be normal. I can't wait to see them grown up and blessing others with their testimony...and the faith that yall have instilled in them. we continue to go to the Lord on your behalf!! You are loved!!

p.s. sorry this is so long!!