Rocking some pajamas and a faux-hawk

The girls had a great day today. Liana finished her bottle with me in 30 minutes! I am so thankful that she has shown some improvement in this area. It also looks like she had less desats and bradys than the other day. She now weighs 3 lbs 9 ozs.
Here she is being all cute in her little pajamas.

Adleigh looked great today. She kept smiling at me and I was loving it. We still have a few days left of antibiotics so maybe when those are over we will finally start her feeds back up. We just have to make sure that her belly is ready for all of that. I got a good picture of her eyes open today and one of her little feet (even though you can see the sat probe and a band-aid from where they stuck her). I don't know if you can tell from the picture but she had a little faux-hawk going on there. I joked to her that she was already starting to take after her daddy.


Cindy said...

They look beautiful. Just beautiful. I can't wait until you get to take those angels home!

Colleen Corbett said...

they look so big! and beautiful! just perfect.

Michelle Jamie said...

yay for such a good report!

Kelly H. said...

I LOVE those little girls! Adorable pics Ferris!

Anonymous said...

What sweet little feet! I remember my little Micah's feet when he was just a little bigger than your girls. I always felt so bad that they were poked and prodded so much of the time. It was great to finally take him home and kiss those toes without any wires.

Claire said...

Growing girls! You'll be waving them off to high school before you know it! Do you think they'll have "hawks" then? ;-)

We're praying for you guys!

Love you,