Sensitive tummy

Adleigh went back to being NPO today. She just has a very sensitive stomach! She started spitting up a lot today and it was a brownish color. They did some xrays of her stomach and they decided to give her a rest until tomorrow. In the morning she will get another xray to see if she needs to continue tummy rest or if they can start again. She was getting each feeding through a bottle and she was taking that really well, so that is definitely a plus. They also took her out of her isolette and put her in a bassinet. She has been keeping her temperature really well so far. And she also got to have her sat probe taken off (that was the red light that was attached to her foot). So really the only thing she has holding her back is eating so please pray that she will begin to eat and tolerate it well.

Liana had another crazy brady when I fed her today. I hate those! She just needs to figure out to coordinate eating and breathing and sucking all together. That is a lot for a little preemie to handle. They are weaning down her isolette to try and put her in a bassinet soon. So hopefully she can stay warm like her sister!

I don't have a new picture of Liana tonight but here are two of Adleigh. One is her after she pulled her tube out so she doesn't have anything on her face and the other is from tonight when she woke up for me.


Michelle Jamie said...

Your girls are so beautiful. It is nice to see Adleigh without the goodies on her face. I can't wait for them to be home with you either!

Anonymous said...

The girls are beautiful!!!!!!!!!! Their story is so amazing and we will continue to pray for them!

Sharlie said...

Oh wow. Adleigh is gorgeous. I can't wait to see her again! Pressley had those same froggy jammies. I bought them in two different sizes because I loved them so much.
miss you.

Jackie McCoy said...

Oh, Ferris! She is beautiful! It is so nice to see her looking so healthy and sleeping so peacefully without her tubes and monitors.

Praise God that her x-ray came back okay. I know that the thought of another surgery is enough to send you over the edge right now.

We will continue to pray for your sweet babies!