4 lbs

Liana went over the 4 lb hump last night. She weighs 4 lbs 0.9 ozs! Yay for Liana getting some meat on her bones. She has been doing amazing with her bottles and is taking 3 bottles a day in around 15 minutes. She does have the occasional brady (drop in her heart rate), but that is something she will grow out of.

Adleigh pulled out her feeding tube today and we got to see her pretty little face without a thing on it. I haven't uploaded my pictures onto my computer yet but I have a picture of her looking like a normal baby that I will post soon! We did find out that Adleigh has stage 2 ROP in zone 2 of her eye. The graph that they have looks like it is on the edges of zone 2 so I think that is pretty good, but they are watching her closely. Stage 2 can still clear up on its own so we are praying that Adleigh won't progress into stage 3. Once they go into stage 3 there is a laser surgery they perform. Our friends the Freemans found out that Kayleigh has stage 3 ROP and needs the laser surgery. I think it is scheduled for today so please pray for her. Here is a picture of the different zones of the eye. Zone 1 is where most vision occurs and our girls are normal in that area.

God has been so good to us. When I look at our girls and think back to what they looked like 2 months ago I am overcome with thankfulness. I mean seriously Liana was 1 lb 14 ozs! And now she is over 4 lbs. It has been a really long road and I am so ready for it to be over and get my girls home, but I have learned so much about patience and being thankful for the smallest things. We still have faith that our girls are going to come home as completely normal little girls! God is the supreme doctor and healer. Thank you for all your prayers because there is so much power through it and we have seen the evidence of it.

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