Central Line

Adleigh had the central line put in around 3:30 today. The surgeon said she did great. When we went to visit her after the surgery she looked like she was very relaxed and happy to be on some pain meds. She has been doing so much better with her breathing and if she hadn't been getting a surgical procedure done they would have tried taking her off the vent today, but now they will wait until she has woken up from the surgery. She is acting like she feels a little better with each day, but we have yet to see our little wide-eyed, curious girl. It won't be long before she is bouncing back though.

Liana didn't do as well with her bottles today. I think she only took about half of each one. When I was feeding her she was pretty much asleep the whole time. She now weighs 3 lbs 8 ozs!

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